Meet the cast of Cryptic:

1. Philip Barantini - IMDB | @philbarantini1
2. Vas Blackwood - IMDB | @VasBlackwood
3. Dan Feuerriegel - IMDB | @DgFeuerriegel
4. Robert Glenister - IMDB
5. Sally Leonard - IMDB
6. Ray Panthaki - IMDB | @RayPanthaki
7. Ed Stoppard - IMDB | @EdStoppard
Not pictured: Ben Shafik - IMDB

And we also have co-writers/directors/producers:

8. Bart Ruspoli - IMDB | @bartruspoli
9. Freddie Hutton-Mills - IMDB

Be sure to check out Bart and Freddie’s production company Next Level Films, and you can see some of their past work here.

Dear Tumblr World,

I just randomly decided to search for tags of Shawn Andrews, and became extremely disturbed when I realized so many people know of this actor. Well, I’m happy that he does have so many fans - but really? Like, you people know who he is?

If you were to ask Lizzie or Inna they would tell you I was his only fan lol.

Anyway, I am willing to take on your Shawn A. fans lol (I’m so serious)…

Clearly, I am his #1 fan so beat it :) That’s why I have attended the Brooklyn Film Festival to see the film thanks to a connection to Black Moses who stars in the film FIX. In addition, I not only met Tao Ruspoli (actor/director/ex of Olivia Wilde) at the festival but also when he called me to come in to promote the film due to a contest. :) So peaceeeeeeeee! :)

Oldie but a goodie of Tao and I above… thanks ;)<3