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Photographer: Jenny Brough
Stylist: Siouxsie
Model: Rusne @ Profile Model Management
Make Up Artist: Michelle Webb @ 1st-Option . Using Mac Pro
Hair Stylist: Jonathan Soons @ ERA Management Using Headmasters products and Wam.
Prop Stylist: Sarianne Plaisant
Nail Technician: Kim Treacy @ Naked Artists
Retoucher: Monica Chamorro
Photographer Assistants: Jonny Lee & Rose Patterson
Stylist Assistants: Daisy Bunyan & Sophie Rees
Make Up Assistants: Alex Chalk
Props Assistants: Aurelie Taillefer & Chika Nagai

Nail Technicians Assistant: Magui
Lighting Equipment: Flash Centre and Elinchrom
Studio: Adrian Pini Presents

Grain of sand

you hold in your hand a gentle grain of sand

of when you let it go it floats of lemon drops whistling

the past! the past!

let it free inside a memory of happiness. The time the salty sea and freedom surprised you…

living as an explorer. you

Paint it gold.

… for it fades in color for every moment of regret.

LOTD: Zhizhginskiy Light

(information from

Zhizhginskiy Range Rear

(image ©Tommikus)

1842. Active; focal plane 45 m (148 ft); two white flashes every 15.6 s. 20 m (66 ft) round brick tower, stucco covered, with lantern and gallery. Fog horn (two blasts every 20 s). Lighthouse painted a light cream color (described as yellow by NGA); the lantern dome is green. A photo is at the top of this page, Oleg Timofeev has a 2012 photo, there are several additional photos including a photo of the lens (¾ the way down the page), and Bing has a satellite view of the station. This lighthouse was restored, apparently in 2009. Before restoration, much of the stucco was missing, leaving the tower a mottled red and cream; a good closeup photo and a second photo are available. The front light of the range is on a 7 m (23 ft) wood pyramid with a slatted daymark painted white with a red vertical stripe. Located on Ostrov Zhizhgin, an island 5 km (3mi) northwest of Kega, in the White Sea off the eastern entrance to Onega Bay. Site status unknown. ARLHS ERU-074; RU-4580; Admiralty L6920; NGA 16000.

Mjölk i brösten och gröt i huvet...

Mjölk i brösten och gröt i huvet…

…Annette kom inte alls igår.

Annette, Björns mamma, trodde jag skulle komma på besök kl 13 igår, och jag trodde det ända till kl 12:30 då Björn sa:

“Va? Var det idag? Nä… Nej det är imorn.”

Vad som hände igår var att nya bilen äntligen var klar att hämta så Björn åkte iväg vid 16 och satt i rusningen på väg hem och roade sig med att läsa instruktionsboken och knappa runt och lära sig hur man…

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