Whoa wait. D:

Soooo, I’ve started a roleplay with someone, and they typed in this description of their character: “five-year-old looking 16 year old”.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA, hold the phone and disconnect, tell them I’ll call back later. We are doing a romance-ish-typey thing sort of RP here, good sir. I feel like a total creeper-face pedophile RPing my over the age of 18 character with a character that looks like he’s 5. o_o;;;; Just him being 16 was on the odd, sort of iffy side for me, since my character is so much older and… Just…. -flails- Oh dear.

Also, as I made the starter post, I feel like I rather clearly placed our characters in a park, with mine chilling out and swaying back and fourth on the swing. I think they just completely didn’t read my post at all because there character is begging to go to the park because he wants swing. asdfjkl;

It’s like playing rush and roulette sometimes when entering into a RP with someone. I end up with the bullet too much. o_o;

(Does this sound harsh? I’m such a jerk. :( aw…)


Say You’re Mine - Rush and Roulette


This is a good Looney Tunes episode of Road Runner Rushing Roulette 📺
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