Photo set:  Rurouni Kenshin!!!! Just a handful of photos from the shoot.  will edit more at some point.  I love Kenshin as it was one of my first anime and I really loved the movie as well.  So, me and best friend combined forces to cosplay from the movie!!!!  She looks so much like Kenshin it’s scary omg >.<  

Me as Kaoru 
Kitsunesqueak as Kenshin

Photo by Kristina

At Morikami’s Hatsume Fair as Kamiya Kaoru. A very special thanks to the vendor who gifted me that fan! It saved me so much grief on such a hot day! Another special thanks to the vendor who so graciously helped me readjust my kimono when the car ride kind of mussed things up!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t wear the obi I really wanted to wear with it. Putting it on was… attempted. But I don’t quite have enough experience with it yet. orz practice makes perfect tho…


Kenshin’s Snow Day~

( I only had about ten minutes to throw on my costume, some eyeliner, and do my scar before we ran outside to snap photos for a few minutes until we got too cold and wet, lol. These were all taken just with my cellphone but luckily they came out better than I was expecting! Luckily the snow was deep enough for the most part to hide my tennis shoes pretty well, lol! Next time I’ll be better prepared for photos, lol. )

"In my dealings with people in the past, I didn't have a lot to smile about. After this time in the country with you, I think I'm beginning to understand the happiness that people live for."

Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal
Kenshin • Jin (behindinfinity)
Tomoe • Kaika
photography • Reskiy

Part 5 of a Kenshin and Tomoe photo series