Majestic Bus to Tiny Home Conversion

It’s always fun to see creative ways to build tiny homes since they really do come in all shapes and sizes.

In this post I get to show you the Majestic Bus to Tiny Cabin conversion in the countryside.

This little bus home is able to accommodate four people comfortably and when you go inside I think you’ll be pleased as to what you’ll find.

I hope you’ll enjoy the photo tour, story, and video tour/interview on the bus down below. Please enjoy and re-share if you’d like to.

My neighbor just pulled into my driveway with a truck bed full of freshly picked sweet corn, handed me an empty five gallon pail, and told me to grab what I wanted because there’s more where that came from.

I love living in the country.


Andrea Kowch

It’s difficult to believe that artist Andrea Kowch is still in her twenties. Her paintings reverberate with the primal energy of American masters Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth and astonish with their unique, mythic beauty. Kowch’s body of work to date is a remarkably large one, encompassing many paintings and drawings. What’s not surprising about this high-art wunderkind is the wealth of awards and accolades that she has received.

Atop the list is a National Visual Arts Award that Kowch was granted from the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts (now the National YoungArts Foundation) in 2005, an honor that ranks recipients in the top 2 percent of American talent.

Kowch is one of a select group of artists shown at the Richard J. Demato Fine Arts Gallery in Sag Harbor and she is represented exclusively by Demato. Kowch’s Dan’s Papers cover painting “Light Keepers” is currently on view at the gallery and, though the original sold some time ago, prints of the work will soon be available for purchase. Kowch will likely show another of her works at the gallery’s late May exhibition, Transcendental Feminine Fantasy, and she will certainly be showcased at ArtHamptons—where her work has consistently sold out—in July.