Talking of mad hair, you once said that you weren’t allowed control of your own hair during the Harry Potter series. Did you make up for it afterwards?

Not really, no. Hang on – actually, yeah! One time. I let my mum cut my hair after the last Harry Potter film. She kind of dabbles in hairdressing. And it ended up being a total nightmare. She just kept trying to make it even and symmetrical but, in doing that, she kind of cut all my hair into a really weird shape. Ever since then, I’ve had a fear of scissors. - Rupert Grint. [x]


If you were forced to destroy one of the Harry Potter movies for ever, which one would it be?

Actually, that’s quite easy: number four, Goblet of Fire. Nothing to do with the film, really. It’s a hair thing again – it’s just because of how my hair looks in it. It’s terrible. I’ve got no recollection of my hair ever looking like that .-Rupert Grint [x]

Rupert Grint on his tortoise, New York, and “Goblet of Fire”

In a new interview with “The Guardian”, Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) answered some questions about living in New York and his first experiences on Broadway. Rupert is currently starring in “It’s Only A Play”, which was recently announced to have broken box office records.