In honor of Trans Day of Visibility, here are all of the trans women contestants that have appeared in previous seasons of Rupaul’s Drag Race, a show that is known for its transphobia and open use of transphobic slurs:

Sonique from Season 2
Carmen Carrera from Season 3
Monica Beverly Hillz from Season 5

Because trans women can be drag queens, there have been drag queens that have identified as trans women for decades, there will always be trans women drag queens in spite of the gay community’s attempts to invalidate them, and they deserve your support just as much as any other cis gay man who does drag for a living.

that episode of drag race was so good though

pearl shining and giving me all the life when she sassed ru
max continuing to basically be perfect and so fuckin cute
violet making friends my sweet child
fame and chiCKENS so adorable what a fool
KATYA was fuckin funny and got lots of screen time

TOP 5 I love them all so much

the lipsync was good too, ru joking about death dropping was such a genuine and nice moment, jaidynn is really growing on me, annd one of the bitter old ladies went home (love u tho but bye tho)

i still miss trixie like a lot