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imagine Cas and Dean playing Hide and seek and Cas is the one hiding and when Dean is near he starts running and saying "Catch me!" and Dean runs after him and Cas loses track of Dean and stops and then Dean jumps out of the woods and pins Cas against a tree with his back to Dean and Dean whispering "nowhere to run nowhere to hide my pretty little lamp" in his hear in a deep vioce, (just imagine the ultimate boner Cas would get)

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Suspicious Minds (Sam x Reader)

Request: Can you do a oneshot where the readers ex keeps calling her and bugging her and the guys find out and one day when they’re out the readers ex bumps into them and keeping a asking the reader questions and so Sam tells him off. Based off of your imagine about Sam telling off your ex?? Ya that. Okay sorry for such a long request. Hope its nt to mch. Ya ok leaving *smiles sheepishly* *runs away and hides* :) — say-it-and-im-urs

Word Count: 2,933

Author’s Note: I totally planned for this to be like a hurt/comfort, emotional sort of thing but I got caught up in this freaky Tumblr blog and I found this audio file so then this happened. Set during 5.03 “Free To Be You and Me.”

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*it's a dark and gloomy night at super jail* *a big bulking figure tries hard to get to ripper roo's lab*

    Roo saw a large shadow getting closer to his work room. He hopped over and locked it with several locks only to run off and hide. 

The most disturbing thing I notice in social projects is that people will freely antagonize until there is chance of a confrontation

People are just disgusting cowards who are fine to throw dirt in the dark but as soon as you shine some light they run and hide

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I think you should continue it too!!! It was so nice and adorable. UHmm, I imagine them texting a lot every night almost before they go to bed. I think Sasaki would probably be slightly embarrassed to meet Hide as his regular self because it wasn't what he thinks Hide initially saw lol. And then one day randomly they would run into one another outside. Hide would spontaneously ask Sasaki if he's free to go on a bookstore date with him right then and there! And they do. Help, you au is too cute.

Ahhh those are some nice ideas :’D then maybe ill try writing drabbles about their relationship and maybe some of the quinx will be included too ( * u * )


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