sugarprince asked:

are you still taking team questions? i'd love it if you could give me a bit of advice! right now i have lucario, espeon, magneton, vaporeon, crobat and magmar (this is still in-game, i'm going for the sixth badge right now!), but i'm thinking about replacing magmar with a litwick. what would you suggest? (this is black 2, by the way!)

Sure c: I’m flattered people are askin’.

You’ve got a nice team going on there. People say Lucario’s over used and not a very original choice, but I’ve got a Lucario on my team and it’s great. Espeon’s a great choice if you want a pure psychic type; Very high special attack, which is all that really matters with a psychic Pokémon, but you’d want to avoid using physical attacks like Retaliate or Quick Attack. If you want a half-psychic type Gellade’s great, half-psychic half-fighting, but definitely better with physical moves than special attacks, though overall has a higher defense than Espeon. Gallade’s type advantages and disadvantages are a bit better than Espeon’s. If you find that you’re using Lucario a lot, maybe Gallade might be a good switch for Espeon.
Magneton’s got okay stats and GREAT type advantages, but I really suggest evolving it into Magnezone for even better stats.
Vaporeon’s okay, but to get the best out of it you really want to focus on ice-type moves, not just water. Blizzard’s got low accuracy, but great power. If you’re not big on moves that might miss more than you’d like, make sure it at least knows Ice Beam.
Crobat’s good. Okay stats and types. But it’s weak against two pretty common types electric and rock. So you just gotta be careful. If you ever consider switching it out, I recommend maybe putting a dragon on your team. Flygon or Altaria’s a good choice if you want something to catch right away, but Salamence or Dragonite’s even better.
Litwick’s good, because it’s duel-type unlike Magmar. However, Magmar’s got better stats. If you get a Litwick and decide to evolve it to a Chandelure from a Lampent, then you should dump Magmar for Litwick. Chandelure would be a good addition to your team; It’s stats are nearly as good as Magmar’s final form and it’s duel-type.