runningwithwalcott said: you just can’t follow all the championships, that’s impossible. that’s why big competitions are so interesting. if you have nothing new to discover, than what’s the point? :p

This so much. I mean I can’t watch all the leagues, I don’t have the time, so the euros is giving me a chance to watch new players. Some people are so petty on here. A main example is giroud, everyone is getting stupid about him having new fans.

jordanamavi asked:

holger badstuber, younès belhanda, laurent koscielny and jua mata? :)

Marry: Holger Badstuber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck: omg I can’t choose between lolo and younés… I would go for Younés… 

Kiss: Laurent

Cuddle: Mata

Thanks for asking :) 

runningwithwalcott replied to your post: i feel so proud when i see laurent with the france…

yeah, i feel the same way! though he will probably not play much because laurent blanc seems to love his mexes-rami centre back…

yeah and i think he said in his press conference that laurent would only be the 3rd choice center back. personally i would start him against england, with him playing in the EPL and against all those players on a regular basis that would be a smart decision but i guess it’s whatever blanc wants

runningwithwalcott said: yeah i noticed about giroud. well, i mean he has been on my tv all year, so i kinda get how people can be surprised that he’s only discovered now, but that’s my country’s league, and i’m actually happy that people post him on here, so i can reblog x)

For me we never get French football on our TVs so I guess it’s the same for others. The euro gives me a chance to watch him play properly without a crap stream. I’m happy about all the fans. We get more edits and posts and stuff :P

runningwithwalcott replied to your post: Why do you hate tumblr?
I KNOW RIGHT! omg reese i thought i was the only one to notice, but lately i haven’t been here much because my mood gets worse when i do, whereas i used to come here to improve it…

i only really come here now to get away from my school stress and stuff and if i left i would miss all the news and pictures and stuff. it’s all just over the top now and everyone starts hate for nothing. it’s just got worse since i joined and i don’t like it anymore.