daisy-heart asked:

what you were trying to do was sweet, please, people if you dont like the fact that this isn't damien just leave quietly, dont make a girl who was trying to make people feel beautiful feel bad. stay strong georgia x

thankyou so much! that means alot!

but seriously thats what i was trying to do! i tried my hardest to message all the girls i could find on tumblr and tell them that they are beautiful.

daisy-heart asked:

love the new banner :) how do you keep on having such amazing banners? they all always look beyond amazing :) xx

thank youuu, how do you keep having such an amazing blog! when there’s nothing on my dash I just type in ‘r’ and your blog comes up, and my blog is good again :) 

i just screenshot text on word :) you can get whatever font you want of the internet, and yeah :)

thanks again xx

daisy-heart asked:

just found your blog, and am so glad i did , it is BEAUTIFUL x

awh thank you. that’s really really sweet. i love yours so much! actually so, so much! you post everything i love ♥

excuse me while i reblog everything.