I ran a marathon today. it was stupid.

I was in excruciating pain by mile 15. I kept it together until mile 24, when I totally fell apart physically.

can’t say I ever hit “the wall” but I definitely didn’t feel all that fantastic.

the best part for me was the cheerleaders (mine in particular). all of the people along the course made it bearable. Betsy, Jennifer, Johnna, Traci, Victor, Amanda, Alex, Sharon, Patrick, Sara, Peter, Lara, Topher, Laurie, Corinne, Lori Beth, Danny, Mom and Dad all made it a little bit easier to be out there pushing well past my limits.

my coaches and teammates had so much faith in me.

and you guys, knowing you were out there cheering me on from the interwebs. it helped, it really did.

I didn’t hit any of my time goals, but I had as much fun as possible and I crossed that finish line. I got my medal and my poncho and that’s all that matters to me right now.

I might try again in a few years, but definitely not anytime soon. it was just too much for me.

tl;dr: I ran a marathon and didn’t exactly love it.

Day 37: Inspiration and a little vitamin D

I’ve mentioned before that I’m such a slow runner and I think there’s a lot of reasons for that, not least is that until I decided to run a half marathon, the longest I’d ever run was about 2 miles. I went on lots of 5 mile training runs in OCS, but those were often bookended by Gunnery Sergeant Carson making us do other PT and screaming at us. So, think of those more like spirit walks - I went somewhere, might have gone fast, I might not have, but I definitely had a lot of frank conversations with my ancestors while doing it.

My fiancee inspired me to run the peachtree road race this year in case we move out of Atlanta before the next one comes round. I think it’s a good idea and I like the idea of a more manageable distance that I can really focus on form and technique rather than just building up miles. Team in Training was great for me and they got me across the finish line, but that was my only goal: finishing. I should have made it a priority to run properly and now that’s my main focus. 

I’ve got 18 weeks till the race (assuming I get a number) and that’s enough time to go through a training program twice with a tune up event in the middle of each round plus a 10k race to get a feel for where I’m at on ~May 15th or so. 

So today I went on a not for time exploration of the beltline and just went on a roughly 3 mile “walk with a purpose.” I didn’t mean to go anywhere fast, just needed to get there. 

I still plan to crossfit as my primary workout 3 times a week and run 3 times a week with one day of rest. Long runs will be Sundays. Let’s see how this goes!

Running form?

Help. I’ve been running with a heel-strike form for years. I never knew any better. Now I”m hearing that running with mid-strike is much better for your joints/legs etc. I’m practicing form drills and stuff, but am having problems with the strike while I’m physically running. I still run at a pretty slow pace (my average is usually 5-5.5 mph).

Do any of you have any tips or links to resources I could look into? 

With daylight saving’s time having passed, this morning’s run took place in the dark. Berkeley is infamous for it’s lack of street lamps, but by running by campus I was able to get some more light. It was while running under these lamposts that I was able to observe my running form. One of the few lessons I remembered from high school track was to not let my arms cross in front of my body. I thought I was doing that, but when I saw my shadow from the lights, I saw they were crossing slightly. By adjusting, I felt myself working less on my upper body and getting more momentum from my lower body. Runners World put together a great video (above) to give you more details about proper running form. Be sure to check it out!

Watch on primalmovement.tumblr.com

A nice basic introduction and some good tips about improving running form.

With an exceptional soundtrack :-)

#runningform #barefootrunning #makeitcount

It amazes me that I used to hate running and everything about it.. Then #kaiafit came into my life and showed me how to have proper #runningform and now #ilovetorun and thoroughly enjoy it🏃🏃 @kaiafitoc (at Kaia F.I.T.)

Running = Bacon

Went for a 3-miler this morning down at the Cape. Luckily it wasn’t as humid as it has been…managed to run it in 29:00 and felt pretty good during it. I read what H wrote about your arms while running and tried to remember my form/posture today.

This is a boring post but now that I’ve done my run I can go eat bacon. And that’s pretty exciting for me. —K

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Heel strike, Forefoot, Midfoot, Stiff-legged style, Pose style…etc -> forget them all, just African running style works

5 Months

5 months ago, I started to run again after more than 2 years without any exercise. At the starting point, I was 67kg and I could run only 5 minute. My heart beated arrhythmically and I breathed through my both mouth and nose uncontrolly.

Day by day, I’ve been used to breathing efficiency and my endurance is build-up gradually. After 1 month, I could run in 1 hour continuously but I still had problem with running pace. Disapointedly, the increase of stamina did not come with the improvement of speed but the problems did not stop there. I had got an injury in midfoot cause of the hard work and wrong running form. Believe that youtube have everything, I searched for this kind of pain and it linked me to some videos of stretching exercises before running, running form, running schedule, etc… and I knew that I had to learn from zero if I want to get out of injury.

I watched a lot of running videos and everything seemed to change rapidly. I had more control in running and astonishedly I lost weight, 64kg, 62kg, 60kg, 58kg and now I’m only 56kg. With the lower weight and more correct running form, my running pace is increased notably.

I don’t have the GPS watch for runner, I just have a Casio G-Shock one, so then I entered Google Maps and measured the running route online. I calculated that my running pace is accelerated more than 25%, from 9km/h to 11.5km/h recently. On the other hand, I feel a remarkable change in my leg muscles used in running. I run everday, 7 days of week (except the raining day), the avarage mileage is 10km. It seems no space for resting but it’s my purpose. I don’t let my muscles rest cause I need them to be used to tolerate this intensity.

My big goal is running through Vietnam (from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city) in the next year therefore I still have plenty of works. The idiom “Think Big but Start Small” is right in this case.

The very first post

Unsurprisingly, it is not easy to start writing. I’m not good at writing, not only in English, the same problem is with Vietnamese.

Opening this blog with the aim to push myself on running, it’s a running diary. I’ll post the track records of everyday running here to remind myself of a musing thought, running through Vietnam. This blog also is a little room for my whimsical thoughts which are spilled out on the running roads.

Today, August 24th 2012, thanks to training videos on youtube, I’ve learned about “Pose” running technique, a new concept of running form. Cheerfully, I’ve improved my running speed, less 30s/km. As well as benefits, this technique is bring problems, I feel pain in my calves. Hope that is temporary, maybe it’s just a result of my hard work.