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My Monday morning #motivation #inspiration defy the “odds!” “What the mind Conceives, and BELIEVS, it can ACHIEVE! #ViLife #BodyFitDc ##Runners #Fitness#health #wellness#dcrunner #BabyBoomer #Project10 #dc #runningCoach #runner #fearless #focus #passion #persistence #imagination #mindset #optimistic #LawOfAttraction #entrepreneur #visionary #doyou #justdoit #dreamhuge#success #spirituality #wisdom

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Gait Trainning at dhp with Richard Diaz
Video by Richard Diaz
Thank you Richard and team for your great performance and for utilizing the h/p/cosmos treadmill for your daily work.


As stressful as this work week has been, the training commences. I can hardly keep my eyes open at the end of the day, but coming home to a work out is keeping me a little more energetic and able to stay awake beyond the 9pm point. I am happy to say that after many days in a row of workouts, I will be taking tomorrow off to relax and recooperate.

That being said, I could still really benefit from any form of motivation I can find. I’ve been attempting to keep up with running websites and books, as well as watch as many sporting events as I can (watching athletes makes me want to be an athlete). But when push comes to shove, the weather is a downright Debbie Downer when it comes to motivation. It would be such a relief to get outside and do any sort of activity. But of course, when it finally warms up (to 35 degrees) enough to melt the snow, it rains / thunderstorms, and everything turns to ice - which is totally no fun to run on.

My one motivating factor, Apple TV, has not been working out so well the past few days, because my internet connection has been terrible. It’s always fun to spend a 5 mile run on the treadmill pausing / rewinding/ fast forwarding live TV just to get it to play at some point in the program.

The only motivation I have left is the fact that people are starting to look up to me as a runner / coach and that feels pretty awesome. Knowing that I might actually have enough knowledge to guide anyone else to become a runner absolutely stuns / flatters me. That being said, I know I have to stay on my A-game in order to maintain that role, and that’s what’s been motivating me to keep plugging away.

T minus 66 days until my half marathon.

On this beautiful fall morning, just completed the #fallinlove #5K #Run in a time of 21:45! Great race, great cause, great day! Yay! #distancerunner #Dc #runningCoach #runner #Project10 #BodyFitDc #90DayFinessChallenger #ViLife #fitness #health #welllness #healthylifestyle##Runners #grouprun #runningCoach #dcfitnesstrainer #dcrun #Dccapitolstriders #believe #fearless #liveyourbestlife #IAM #success #fearless #focus #passion #persistence #nevergiveup #lmagination #neverquit #believe #gratitude #entrepreneur #visionary #happiness #joy #peace #mindset #optimistic #LawOfAttraction #courage #faith #dreamhuge #justdoit #doyou (at Mt Vernon Trail)

Being my own coach

Since I am in no position to be able to afford my own running coach, I’ve been trying/testing my own theories when it comes to running to see what works and what doesn’t.

Until today, I was a firm believer in static stretching before a run. I have always ALWAYS done static stretching before my runs to prevent the miserable IT band syndrome that is my nemesis. Until today, static stretching before runs has always worked for me, despite the overwhelming evidence/advice to stick with dynamic stretching before any run.

Today was the longest run of my training program to date, 7.29 miles to be exact. I felt sure that the amount of static stretching I did for my hamstrings, quads, gastroc/soleus, IT bands would be enough for me to get through the run easily. Hmmm…. not so much.

I started off great, with a 9:05 mile pace for the first 3 miles. I felt on top of the world, because this pace is what I need to accomplish a half marathon in less than 2 hours. However, when I got to the halfway point of my run, it was time to turn around, and BAM - wind in my face for the entire run home. Wow, how I felt like an idiot for a) not realizing that the wind was carrying me for the first half of the run and b) not preparing for or predicting the fact that the second half of a “longest run” is more difficult than the first.

I just want to emphasize that in no point of my run was I “tired.” Nope, if my joints didn’t hurt/ache, I could have run so much further/faster. I am disappointed to say that the second half of my run was ran at a 10:30 mile pace and I really wish I could have stuck with the 9 minute pace. I will blame it partially on the wind, but it has now come time for me to admit that static stretching prior to a long run is NOT the way to go.

Ok, I’m on the bandwagon. Let me review all of the dynamic stretches ever pictured in every issue of Runner’s World, every book I’ve ever read, every website I’ve ever visited, because I’m going to have to finally convert myself to the world of dynamic stretching :/ I really don’t want to dig out the foam roller for my IT bands and spend 15+ minutes in my gym working out (ok STRETCHING) prior to my runs, but if I want to finish them with my full potential, rather than having any injuries or soreness, I guess I better suck it up.

One more lesson learned in an effort to become the best running coach I’ve ever had.

My coach @wild_kate asked for a 4km #run - she got it. I’m exhausted but happy i made it. #pain #running #runningcoach #runanddie #runninggirls #runordie #munich #münchen #nike #nikeplus #oldnavy #bergamlaim #plussizerunning #gettingfit by Instagram User: veronika_scott September 25, 2014 at 05:58PM at #München #bergamlaim