every westallen scene ever (6/?)

So you know how Barry’s heart rate is already more elevated than a normal person’s and sometimes it beats too fast for heart monitors so it looks like he flatlines?

I’m just imagining Barry hooked up to the heart monitor in S.T.A.R. Labs for some reason - maybe it’s because he got injured in a fight with the villain of the week or maybe it’s part of his routine check up idk - but Caitlin leaves him to check something so he’s alone and Iris walks in and Barry starts to flatline

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Next week’s preview! NOW THIS IS SCARY.

1. Capleton – Soundkiller Dubplate
2. Sizzla – Wirlwind Dubplate
3. Sizzla – Hardcore Husteler
4. Agent Sasco – Rebellious nature
5. Jah Boukz – Angola
6. Chronixx – Start a fyah
7. Kabaka Pyramid & Italo – Pon di wings
8. Stephen Marley ft.Spragga Benz & Damian Marley – Bongo Nyah
9. Million Stylez – Never give up
10. Randy Valentine – Rat Race
11. Fantan Mojah – Ready to fight
12. D Major – Real know real
13. Shuga – My soul to jah
14. Romain Virgo – Why should I worry
15. Christopher Martin – Reggae road block
16. Christopher Martin – I´m there
17. Shaggy ft. Ne-yo – Youu girl
18. Maxie Priest & Assasin – Bubbly my way
19. Shaggy ft. Beres Hammond – Fight this feeling
20. Beres Hammond ft. Gappy Ranks – Surrender
21. Bugle – Nuh compatible
22. Bugle & Lady Saw – Infidelity
23. Vybz Kartel – No games
24. Mavado - Weed & Hennessy
25. Busy Signal – Mi deh yah
26. Masicka & Shanique Marie – Danger
27. Stylo G – Soundbwoi
28. Sean Paul ft. Damian Marley – Riot
29. Cham ft. Damian Marley – Fighter
30. Stylo G ft. Sister Nancy – Badd
31. Ninjaman – Jamaica town
32. Bugle – Jamaican Obama
33. Shaka Pow – Fight fi mi
34. Konshens & Romain Virgo – no worry bout them
35. Aidonia – Boomflick
36. Vybz Kartel – Pussy me say
37. Konshens – Big people ting
38. Mad Cobra – Ordinary
39. Ward 21 – Links like mine
40. Bling Dawg – Badman
41. Nitty Kutchie – Intimidation
42. Bounty Killer – Entourage
43. Vybz Kartel – We have it lock
44. Busy Signal – still lock the streets
45. Konshens – We a hustle
46. Elephant Man – Stamina
47. Mad Cobra – Di baddest
48. Mad Cobra – Nuh other way
49. Jah vinci – My love
50. Popcaan – Unruly Rave
51. Bounty Killer & Patexx – Mi allright
52. Beenie Man – Touch di road
53. Popcaan – Smile again
54. Mavado – Give it all to me
55. Vybz Kartel – Hold me
56. Aidonia – So good
57. Vybz Kartel - Right wine
58. Charly Black – First time
59. Macka Diamond – Dye dye
60. Demarco – Lazy body
61. Mr.Vegas – A gal nuh like you
62. Vybz Kartel – Georgina
63. Mavado – Bruck out
64. Aidonia – Never never
65. Vybz Kartel- Billion Dollar
66. I-Octane – Weed questionaire
67. I-Octane – Wine and jiggle
68. DJ Gil ft. Aidonia – Grip me
69. Sean Paul & Beenie Man – Greatest Gallis RMX
70. Konshens & J Capri – Pull up to mi bumper
71. Moses – Sample
72. Charly Black – Fiesta
73. Cham ft. O – Bend down
74. Mr.Vegas – Give it to har
75. Bunji Garlin- Differentology (Major Lazer RMX)

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All these madd new tunes outta jamaica. Reggae & Dancehall 2013
Mixed live by Bandelero. Free listen & download.

1. Julian Marley ft. Bugle – move dem
2. Chronixx – they don’t know
3. Chronixx – dread
4. Chronixx – smile jamaica
5. Exco Levi & Kabaka Pyramid — strive
6. Torch – good reggae music
7. Tarrus Riley – gimme likkle one drop
8. Chronixx – never give up
9. Chronixx – most I
10. Jah Vinci – nice again
11. Da Professor – I know why
12. I-Wayne – nightmare
13. Romain Virgo – another day another dollar
14. Kiprich – no fake friends
15. Christoper Martin – mi friend dem
16. Collie Buddz – no time
17. Trixstar – shine dubplate
18. Lady G – nuff respect 2013
19. Jah Vinci – ghetto youths
20. I-Octane – pretty little flower
21. Voicemail – gallis
22. Mavado – always on my mind
23. Delly Ranks – my everything
24. Romain Virgo – cold side
25. Busy Signal – the way you love me
26. Maxie Priest – holiday
27. Chronixx – somewhere
28. Christoper Martin – Mama
29. Major Lazer – Get free
30. Chronixx – Get free freestyle
31. Chronixx – capitalists
32. Chronixx — behind surtains
33. Mr.Vegas – Jamaica nice
34. Ninja Man – ninja mi ninja
35. Chino – argument
36. Chino – sex symbol
37. I-Octane – gal a gimme bun
38. Mr.Vegas – freaks rmx
39. Mavado – this morning
40. Cham – sell out
41. Capleton – bun dem down
42. Agent Sasco – my own
43. Queen Ifrica – come fi party
44. Mr.Gee & Chice – bad like we
45. I-Octane – still nah run
46. I-Octane – buss a blank
47. Agent Sasco – kind to dem
48. Jah Vinci — keep it from now
49. Mavado – at the top
50. Mavado – mr-tek whe your gal
51. Beenie Man & Sean Paul – greatest gallis
52. Bounty Killer – wifey wine
53. Busy Signal – jail juice
54. Mr.Lexx – nuh more than you
55. Tanto Metro & Devonte – tun it up louder
56. Konshens & Darrio – gal siddung
57. Sean Paul – Gyal bruck out
58. T.O.K – gyal madd pon di buddy
59. Sean Paul – nuh badda with dem
60. Konshens – guerilla foreva
61. Sizzla – di baddest
62. Aidonia – mi have it
63. Beenie Man – stand firm
64. Bugle – caan dis mama
65. Lady Saw – bun fi bun
66. Konshens – thank god fi di gal dem
67. Voicemail – muscle & grip
68. Beenie man- step up inna life
69. Mavado – cant happen
70. Konshens – soldier
71. Busy Signal – defense
72. Busy Signal bout it
73. Vybz Kartel – convertible
74. Aidonia- good pussy
75. Aidonia – morning ride
76. Aidonia – pon di cocky
77. Busy Signal – bedroom bully
78. Major Lazer ft. Busy Signal – Bumaye
79. RDX – Kotch
80. I-Octane – peeping tom
81. Bunji Garlin — differentology

Okay, so! FFnet is actually not the only place to find some CaféMochaShippy stories, some have only been posted on pokanon (livejournal’s Pokémon kink meme) some… years ago… already… *sob*

Since it’s a kink meme, some are nsfw, others are pretty tame, a lot of them have issues / are not representative of what A Healthy And Totally Consensual Relationship is (but it’s pretty obvious that the authornon(s) (*COUGH* if they’re actually different people) clearly know what they’re doing so…). I’m organizing the ones I remember by order of sfw content >:3 It’s subjective, though, I priviledge consensual stuff over… things that are clearly not and assumed as such. I’ll do my best for trigger warnings - some REALLY need them and will make you feel uncomfortable… but at the same time, that’s (in my opinion) also faithful to Dent’s tone in Japanese. So, even more disturbing.

* Contradictory, 980~; Iris + Trip, very vague Cilan->Ash
Attract won’t work if it’s between two males!
Nothing triggery but… obsessive looking…? from Cilan’s part. Accidental crossdressing. Iris is a wonderful demon who doesn’t like to lose, and Trip is enrolled by force. Just awkward.

* CafeMocha on the house, 1100~; Cilan<->Ash (Iris, Pikachu).
He’s self-conscious about his eyes.
Reference to Cilan’s non-existent sclera in Best Wishes!. Light, fluffy, ‘desperately’ friendshippy, awkward, with at the same time some creepy behaviours (WATCHING YOU SLEEEEEP).

* ya ya ya ya yaaaaaaaa yamaaaaaaaask, 4300~; Ash, Iris, Cilan, Pikachu, Axew, Cilan->Ash (+ … Ghetsis in an omake.)
AHAHAHAHAHA. So, reference to BW014 (the museum where Cilan gets possessed by the Yamask mask): Satoshi keeps having nightmares about it and begins to fear Cilan when awake.
Warnings for mild-creepiness with possessed!Cilan and possessive!Cilan, some elements (even though tame and non-sexual) that do count as non-consensual. And the following omake is terrifying and hilarious at the same time. Ash’s narration is flowing all over the place and totally unstable, so the beginning of the text can seem really awkward (but makes sense!) while playing with the horror genre. Some BWOT3 fluffiness, some “NOPE NOPE NOOOOPE” moments and some simply “Dawwww”. (And then “… NOPE.” in retrospect.)

* The Return of Ashley, 3250~; Cilan/Ash, Iris, Pikachu.
For whatever reason, Ash finds himself forced to dress like Ashley again. Cue Cilan going “:o WANT”. (Or, alternatively, Burgh/Ash, same idea. I want Ash in a dress with either Cilan or Burgh trying to get into his non-existant pants. And preferably succeeding. >:D)
Warning for manipulation, so dubcon and not healthy (… while still outrageously light and fluffy and skippy), but it doesn’t go beyond making out.
… again, the “WRONG” parts are at the same time hilarious because of the narration and because Cilan is horrible, fabulous, in his own fabbu world. Crossdressing, Pokémon world’s logic, prepare to scream while dying of laughter. Cilan.

* The First Time, 2200~; Ash x Cilan.
Someone give me Ash at about 15 or 16, having a shy adorable snuggly first time with a reassuring (but possessive) Cilan.
Warning for sex-all-the-way (but consensual) with what is possibly identified as a minor (at least “young”), anal and oral.
Humour, clumsiness, sarcasm (with love!) toward the canon, assertive!Ash, Cilan being totally conscious that what Ash is making him do is totally reprehensible, and some French here and there.
(I can translate if necessary.)

* Bad Habit: A Tragicomedy, 12400~; Cilan x Ash, Iris, Pikachu, (Ghetsis) + Chili, Cress, N, Looker.
Iris or Ash experiences the reverse of Stockholm Syndrome with a Plasma member; consequences." (Developped prompt in the thread)
Warnings: based on the theory that the Shadow Triad could be the Striaton brothers. Sequestration, angst, nothing is described but: existence and allusions and discussions of coercing/exaction involving sexual favours, trust abuse, non-described oral sex, so given the circumstances, non-consensual as a whole (even though some later elements can make it closer to dubcon but even more scream-worthy). So, A LOT of things especially reprehensible but more alluded to than described.
Iris+Ash feels, terrible terrible Cilan/Ash feels, a lot of sobbing and cursing and things that HURT you (and some characters). There is a plot. Ash is biting. Iris is a demon. Cilan manages to be sympathetic (… sort of) at some points. A lot of humour, irony and sarcasm; a lot of clichés being called out; a lot of mood whiplash; some curiously funny moments that are also stangely touching.
[That’s… probably my favourite CaféMochaShipping fic ever even though I’m biased on many levels - you have now a demonstration of why my tumblr username is what it is. But really, it’s sort of… organic.]

* (I would like to present…a Farce.), 4850~; Cilan, Ash, Iris, Pikachu, Delia, Chili, Cress ; Cilan/Ash, Chili/Cress.
… the pic-prompt says it all. Cilan decides this. Exactly this. Literally. Humour mixed up with a lot of considerations making the reader really uncomfortable. The fact that all is decided when Ash is ten is the reason why I’m putting this here (creepy anticipation of doom, for what is A BET WITH IRIS). Consensual but scream-worthy at a lot of moments. Oral sex, masturbation, some incestuous elements in the background (… but hilarious, I swear). The fact that you will probably hear Mamoru Miyano at some points doesn’t help feeling comfortable at all. So, uh… flamingly creepy? And consensual, with some fluff and a light tone.

* (No title), 820~; Cilan/Ash.
Horribly inspired by this (pixiv link): Cilan is a part of the Shadow Triad as he travels with Ash. And he’s not really as kind as he seems (Cabernet spoke the truth), nor is he above human needs. / Ash taken by a mysterious white-haired stranger in the night.
Warning: Shadow Triad Theory, so alternate interpretation of Cilan’s character. Trust abuse, blackmail, NOT OKAY, extortion, manipulation, non-consensual, oral sex, extrapolations and intentions REALLY disturbing in Cilan’s head; totally unloving in all regards (Cilan is a total bastard in this one).
And some hilarious comments about What Next from the author at the end.

Have a nice read~

dickgryson asked:

ohhhhh my god i just got pizza delivered and all i can think about is a barryeddie au where eddie keeps ordering pizzas so he can see the cute delivery boy and barry thinks eddie has a pizza obsession bc he's ALWAYS ORDERING and he would bring it up but eddie tips nicely so he won't complain

you know what


clinton-natalia asked:

westallen :)))))

  • leaves their dirty clothes on the floor: Barry and he’s always insistent that, look, Iris, I can clean it really quickly, like in a (wink) flash, and Iris just stares at him because Barry says that about like twice a day about various things.
  • forgets to run the dish washer: Iris? Both of them? Like, Joe comes by and the dishwasher hasn’t been run but there’s a dish from like three days ago and he sighs and looks up to the heavens.
  • pumps gas for the car: Barry - Iris can do it, but she hates it in the winter especially.
  • drives when they’re going somewhere: Both of them but mostly Iris because Barry starts to get twitchy and she’s actually scared he’ll try to go 200 mph.
  • rearranges the furniture: Cisco actually - like they get home after Cisco house-sits and the furniture is completely different and also there’s a lamp that they probably didn’t own before?
  • falls asleep with the TV on: Iris most days, but Barry when he’s been extra active with the saving lives thing.
  • gets to use the bathroom first: They rock-paper-scissors for it like they used to when they were kids.
  • decides the temperature for the ac/heater: Iris because Barry can’t figure out how to work the thermostat (everyone teases him about being a genius scientist and like, still unable to do the thermostat but Iris thinks its cute)
  • sets up holiday decorations: Iris!!!! But they get the whole gang over, even Felicity and Oliver one year, except Oliver intimidates the neighbors a lot because he glares at the reindeer inflatable and after that they mostly keep it the STAR Labs gang and Joe.
  • leaves the lights on: Barry, but he just zips back home and turns them off if he remembers.
  • uses the bathroom with the door open: Neither of them - although Iris is a habitual toothbrushing-talker, as in she’s like mumbling to Barry about whatever news story she covered as she brushes her teeth and Barry’s just nodding like, okay, I kind of maybe know what she’s talking about.
  • fixes the plumbing (or calls the plumber): Joe, they just call Joe.

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and eddie, assuming he knows what's happening, is just so sad. all three of his loves are miserable and wrecked and he just wants to be with them. it aches and it burns and he's not happy. (so someone takes pity on him and sends him back to the land of the living kinda a one last chance scenario)

oh thank god