In an unprecedented move, more than 100 prominent San Francisco based Roman Catholics signed a full-page ad running Friday that calls on God to remove Jesus from the Trinity for fostering “an atmosphere of division and intolerance.”

The plea follows months of dissent within the archdiocese over Jesus’ emphasis on traditional, conservative doctrine, including asking all Catholics to accept that both sex outside of marriage as well as homosexual relations are “gravely evil.”

Eye of the Tiber never fails me.


This morning and last night: a summary

First we ran a comfortable 8 this morning. I talked to Colleen (nick’s wife) and she gave me some guidance for my weekend run. I’m torn. I want to run with Robin but it will be slower than my goal pace. So originally I thought I’d speed up when she had to leave and add two miles. Giving me 18 (instead of 16) and 8 at or close to mgp. Colleen said that would be fine. She agreed with pushing the last miles to goal pace instead of long run pace. She said adding two wasn’t necessary. I may or may not.

I’m thinking that if I do 18, I can do a lower milage weekend before my next 18 and 20. My plan has this “off” week where I was supposed to pace a half but they changed the date. So I have more flexibility. Here’s the next four long run schedules I’m debating: 16, 18, 16, 20; 18, 12, 18, 20; or 16, 20, 16, 20. Thoughts?

I’m biking now. It seems like a good way to kill time. Then shower and breakfast and dr appointment.

Last night: Andie cracked me up trying to eat her cupcake. At first she wouldn’t pick it up. So she tried to take bites while it was sitting on the plate. She finally picked it up and mostly ate the icing.

My body fat has gone down. Now sure how accurate these are so I’m mostly interested in consistency. This represents almost a 2% drop. Always reassuring. And finally physical therapy. We were doing core work. Or I was slacking off a little.

The good news…it’s Friday!


Kaneki in tears + Amon and Kaneki’s confrontation


as my human!tali is middle eastern, i figured that human!legion should also have some middle eastern roots - although his design’s a bit more traditional compared to tali. i added the mechanical arm to link to the geth, but i’m having mixed feelings about it. ah well, deal with it. 

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Slightly different take on this post here, because reasons.


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