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My November to September progress! I’ve lost a total of 87lbs since beginning my journey in October, almost a year has passed and it feels like just yesterday I decided to change my life for the better. It’s possible people, if I did it you can too!!! All done by counting calories and getting off my butt and moving around. I’m prepping for my first 5k in 4 weeks and restarting the 30DS hoping to reach a total loss of 100lbs on the one year anniversary of my weight loss journey, but if I don’t that’s ok I’m happy!!! 

HW 235

CW 148

GW 140

IM 5’6 

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Part 1 of the 2 part series! This is the shorter workout both in total time and in running distance making it perfect if you’re new (or new-er) to running or don’t have as much time but still want and awesome take-anywhere plan! This is actually a workout we did with my XC team last week and it went so well I wanted to share it with all of you! It’s effective because you’re running hard but the short breaks give you a chance both to recover so you can finish strong and to maintain an elevated heart rate. The bits of strength training are in there for good measure haha!

Remember to warm up with a very easy job for a few minutes before this plan and to fuel up about 2 hours before your run!

HERE IS PART 2: CRAZY HALVES (the 60 minute version)

obiwansmistress submitted:

Height - 5’8.

Before weight - 206

During - 185.

Goal weight - 130.

These photos were under 3 months apart.

My diet isn’t anything special, I just cut out most sugars and fattening things, and try to eat a lot cleaner. I also count calories thanks to my “Lose it!” app which is my holy grail and it also helps me keep track of my workouts and how many calories I’m burning. I drink a lot of water, and I try to plan out meals and snacks which is definitely a big help.

My motivation comes from self hate, I can’t handle not being happy with my body anymore. Most days I’m content and if I had to have this body forever, I wouldn’t be crushed, but I’m thankful I don’t have to have this body forever and I can change it and I will.

I mostly just power walk, jog, and run, but I also do strength training and things like squats, donkey kicks, flutter kicks, crunches, etc. Nothing special at all!

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Picture 1: The shoe on the left was purchased in 2012. These took me through my half marathon in June of that year and sat and collected dust through most of 2013 while I had bunion surgery. My estimate is that they’ve seen 500+ miles. I was lucky enough to find the exact same pair (of which I already have 2 others in another color). I ran in them today and they were great! No knee pain, which I had been having with the old ones. Once I’m out of marathon training, I’ll search for a new style of shoe, but until then I’m sticking with what I know works.

Picture 2: Our 9 gallons of blue gatorade have evaporated into thin air. Or maybe they were consumed… it all happened so fast! We bit the bullet and went in for another 15 gallons of powder. We’ve managed to accumulate quite the collection of gatorade bottles and have refilling them down to a science. Once I get my shower in I’ll be spend 30 minutes putting together about 4 gallons of reused bottles.

Twin Cities Marathon, Week 16 Day 4: Rest 7 Miles Easy

Since I rested yesterday due to my oddly infected belly button, I took an easy day today.

I wanted to do yesterday’s strength session, but we have tempo tomorrow. I didn’t want to break the NUMBER ONE Hanson’s rule and do two SOS workouts back to back. Tempo runs are my least favorite since they’re the hardest… which probably means they should be top priority.

Target Pace: 12:05-12:55
Actual Pace: 11:49

I ran the beautiful seven mile bridge loop again and just couldn’t keep my pace down. Brooke once said that 12:00 felt like a death march, today was definitely that way for me. I think that’s a damn good sign. I used to have to work hard to be at the top end of my easy range… Cumulative fatigue, I think you’re beginning to pay off!

Only 18 days until THE MARATHON.