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Out of curiosity, how did you develop a passion for running? Did you do track and/or XC in high school? :) your dedication is so inspiring - I'm pathetic when it comes to running outside in cold temperatures haha. x

I love this question & I apologize in advance because I’m sure my answer will be long: 

I’ve been running for my whole life, and the key to staying passionate about it (for me) is making it fun and setting goals. I have my parents to thank for introducing me to running and showing me how wonderful the sport can be.

They were serious runners when I was growing up so I spent a lot of weekends at road races. I loved the atmosphere, and loved watching my parents win. I started doing the ‘fun runs’ offered for children at said races as early as I could (maybe I was 3?). So for me, running started off fun.

My parents coached 5th-8th grade XC/track in my town while I was growing up, and they made it a great experience. The workouts were fun and they made every kid feel like an important member of the team. In the summers when I was on the team they’d offer ‘practice’ from our house and we’d go into the woods for trail runs and return to swim in the pool (because when I was on the team the kids were my friends).
I think I first really, really fell in love with running because of trail running. It’s just so freeing and magical. You get muddy and you fall down and you run up crazy steep hills and over crappy wooden bridges and through rivers, and you can bring your dog - just perfect in my eyes.

When I got to high school, naturally I joined the team. It was fun at first but after a few years a girl who hated me (still don’t know why) became captain. She made the experience really shitty for me (not directly bullying me but making sure to make everyone but me feel important). I then got an injury which took months of physical therapy to recover from. Both of those things kept me off the team for a while and when I did return I had developed severe race anxiety so I decided to only do practices.

Anyway, after high school I kept running on my own but not super regularly. When I got diagnosed with cancer (right before sophomore year of college) I turned to running to help me cope, and found my passion for it again. I used running as an opportunity to explore new places and I set goals (first a half marathon, then a full) to keep me motivated. 

Running in the winter is shitty. Frigid temperatures, slushy/icy roads, and feeling numb suck - there’s no way around that. But I know that if I put in the work now, I’ll be glad I did come spring. I also know that running makes my day better, every time I do it. Even a short or terrible run has the power to brighten my day and make me feel so much better about myself. So I layer up, I swear a lot while I run (oops), and I keep my playlist updated with music to keep me going. 
However, winter running is definitely not for everyone and if you aren’t able to have fun while doing it I would definitely say to turn to some other sort of (indoor) workouts until it gets more bearable :)

This question is a good reason to post one of my favorite ‘transformation’ pics:

Left: Me doing a fun run with my mom; Right: Me finishing my first marathon with my mom.

3 mile run to help burn off the rubbish I ate in work.
Does anyone else line up #Skittles in colour (not color) order before eating them? Or is it just me!?!

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I got 2nd! In the @qldathletics Queensland Open 10000m Championships! smashed the 25laps 👊🏃👊 2nd in the open!!!!😄😄


4 mi//50 mins on treadmill

I had the awesome opportunity to find a 24 hour gym not far from my apartlent in Denver. Tonight I ran 4 miles in 50 minutes, sprinting by the end to hit my cut off. I felt really comfortable with changing my pace as I needed instead of just giving up.

This sign hangs in the locker room and lately it really had me thinking… you have 24 hours (and bad math lessons from junior high and exponents and how much power they hold). How much power will you put in to them? I want all 24 to be meaningful whether its running, eating great food thats also great for me, spending time with those I love, or bettering myself physically and mentally. Heres to me, heres to my 24! #weightloss #fat loss #losingfat #gainingconfidence #health #health #weight #milesinmarch #lifestyle #motivation #inspiration #newyearnewme #strength #halfmarathontraining #run #runner

Boston: Week 12 Day 3

Cruise Interval

The Plan:

  • 5 minutes Zone 1 (sub 8:14)
  • 5 minutes Zone 2 (sub 7:44)
  • 4 x 8 minutes Zone 3 (sub 5:58), 3 minute recovery (sub 8:14)
  • 5 minutes Zone 2 (sub 7:44)
  • 5 minutes Zone 1 (sub 8:14)

The Results:


Took me a little longer than usual to feel ready to go. Normally by the end of the first 5 minute block I feel ready, but today it took most of the second 5 minutes to feel like I was running comfortably.

The first two intervals were faster than goal pace (5:58) and the last two were slower but I am happy with the results. The third started with an uphill that my I never seemed to kick back into the right gear once finished. The final interval was a few seconds off but 3 seconds in the grand scheme of things isn’t a significant amount, so I am okay with it.

Tomorrow is a relaxed 40 minute run. My area is supposed to be hit hard with snow overnight, so I may be getting a snow day which should be fun to run in.


This was a really really good run! I didn’t wake up as early as I planned but It was still early enough. It was a bit busier outside but I could still run my heart out without getting hit by cars or having to stop for traffic lights all the time.

Only a month until my first 5k! :D

I worked 12 hours today and I’m pretty exhausted. I’m going to catch up on my messages and tumblr friends and after that……….Zzzzzzzz