Having Confidence In Your Success


So last week, I found myself in yet another conference room for yet another interview. The interview was for a small freelance job for a large agency here in London. And what separated this interview from the majority of it’s mundane predecessors is one thing: the guy asked crazily deep questions. Not even just about me, about life in general. We ended up chatting for about an hour, but the one that really stuck with me was this:

"What is something that you think about yourself, but your don’t normally share with other people?"

I immediately knew my answer.

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Hitting 2,000

With a 10-mile run tonight, I topped 2,000 miles for the year. And my at-least-a-mile-a-day run streak is now at 659.

I’m sticking to my plan. All slow stuff for now. Going back to base building for the next few month. Building my mileage up and sticking to an aerobic heart rate.

I’m also adding in some cycling for cross training for the first time.

Hopefully I can get faster at lower heart rates. Have to keep pushing. It’s going to be a fun few months.

I wasn’t able to do C25k week 4 day 1 “by the book” today. I made it through both 3 minute runs and the first 5 minute run with no problem, but the second 5 minute run was uphill. My arms were about to give out, so I ran 3 minutes, walked 90 sec, ran another 3 minutes. This actually gave me an extra minute of running.

My total was 2.91 miles in 32:35.

I had a really good weekend. My mom came down Friday night so she could go to the Ladies’ Day at church with me.

Ryland had been getting a hive-like rash here and there on his body starting yesterday evening. It was gone by morning, but came back around noon today. It doesn’t seem to be bothering him, so we’ll just keep an eye on it.

Bit naughty

I’m pretty much running whilst also having super sore legs. At the moment my left calf and right quad are giving me hell trouble. Tonight I got to 6kms before I was warmed up enough to stop feeling it and then ran to 16.2kms before I felt the pains badly again, but I know it’s been progressively taking longer and longer to warm up, not to mention harder to push past it. I’ve been going crazy on the stretching, I’ve taken a week off running before and I’ve had acupuncture too.

Really keen to know if anyone has any other secret running remedies/ tricks.

From J 😊



The relay started Friday morning at 4 am and we had until 7 PM on Saturday to finish 223 miles.  We had a team of 11.  One of runners was running as two meaning, he ran two legs every time he ran instead of 1.  He ran a total of 36 miles.  The others ran between 18-26.  My van of 6 was all female… and we didn’t kill each other before the end of the race.

We had a moment when we started figuring out we weren’t going to make the cut off or it was going to be really close.  The other van wanted to start running their legs while we were running ours, meaning we would have two runners running instead of one.  We decided in the van that we were going to run it the way it was intended.  If we didn’t make the cut off and didn’t get a medal we at least finished without cheating.  Our van had the final three legs which totaled 12.5 miles.  Runner 1 was running 4 miles, I was running 3, and last runner was running 5. When the other van finished running we had right under 2 hours to finish.  I’ve already shared that my happy pace is 10:30 min/ miles.  Runner #1 runs 9 min miles and #3 run/walks for a 10:30.  We wanted to give her a full hour to get her 5 miles in.  Runner 1 runs her 4 miles at an 8 minute pace, I run my 5k at an 8 min pace and we gave her EXACTLY an hour to finish.  We meet her on the bridge before we have to go to the finish line she has 20 minutes to finish 1.5 miles.  Everything looks good.  We are waiting for her at the finish line and our phone rings… it’s her.  She’s lost.  One of the girls takes off running to find her while another tries to talk her over to the finish.  The runner finds her and runs her in.  we finished at 6:58. 2 minutes to spare.  OMG…. all the stress.

The thing about this relay is that it’s not the running so much as it is the sleep deprivation, the challenging terrain, the whacked out nutrition, the being with 5 other women in a van for 3 days and no porta potties.  So a day off today and then back to Ironman training.  I can honestly say I’m the strongest runner I’ve ever been and I can attribute that to triathlons.  I’m gonna be fierce when I’m done. 


October 20, 2014

Distance: 5.14 km

Time: 33:35

Zombie mobs evaded: (ran without them today)

Favorite song: Oooh. Can’t decide. Tied for three between 1) MIKA & RedOne - Kick Ass, 2) Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out for a Hero, and 3) Coheed & Cambria - The Suffering

Runs so far in October: 10

Distance so far in October: 52.20 km

Today I decided to do the 5K Ultra-Violet race mission for funsies. I set a goal for myself to keep as steady a pace as I could and come in under 35 minutes, so I’m super excited I was able to do that!

I was a little disappointed though, for some reason the audio clips were a bit off and played during songs instead of in between, so I was struggling a bit to hear them.

BUT YOU GUYS LOOK AT WHAT I SAW ON THE TRAIL!!! Around the 4K mark I think, there was a little crawfish scuttling across the trail, and I was very careful not to step on him, but he definitely stopped and lifted his little claws up all menacingly like EXCUSE ME HUMAN FEAR ME AND GET OUT OF MY WAY. I couldn’t stop to take a picture of him, and of course by the time I’d looped back around he was gone, but trust me this is what he looked like.


Sunday morning my training plan called for 19 miles. I’m really sad that I didn’t get to even pretend to try and run that distance. Since I’m still dealing with hip pain and still freaking out about it, I planned a 9 mile run. This may or may not have been a good idea but I’m stubborn and determined, both a good and a bad thing. It bothered me almost the whole run :( I felt better around mile 7 and felt fine when I finished.

I decided it was a “good” idea to head to the pool and Aqua jog for an hour. It was kinda fun My legs felt a little jello-y when I was done. I showered and took an ice bath. When I got out I knew I had pushed way to hard. My hip hurt! It was painful to take regular steps and hurts when I moved around sitting. Ugh why did Ido this to myself! I just want to run so bad :/

I did feel a bit better this morning. I took Advil I’ve been stretching and I took an ice bath. I hope i didn’t set myself back to far! Ill probably scale it back this week and pray! 5 weeks until I have to rock this marathon :O