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xxdanajarebekakurnik and I wrote a song about Minho. Don’t you just wanna hug him?! :D

I did 10K with the Terry Fox Run and then topped it off with another 19 to make it my long run.

There was this foreign boarding student from the nearby private school running at about the same pace as me. He was maybe 16. He was wearing sweatpants and I think basketball shoes. At the turnaround someone commented to the student that she’d heard he was planning to run the 10K course three times. She asked him why and he said, “because everyone said I couldn’t.” 

He was obviously unprepared, and my gut instinct was to tell him that it was a terrible idea.  But instead I said, “that’s a good reason to do anything.” 

I dropped him hard not long after but I passed him a few more times when I was making up my extra mileage. At one point he said he was going to do it even if he had to walk. After 10K he was mostly walking. I gave him a high five each time we met and he’d start running again.

What he did wasn’t particularly impressive, but he gets credit from me for biting more than he could chew and not giving up.

I dropped my “sister” and best friend Nicole off at the airport today and balled my eyes out.

I absolutely love her. But as I drove back home, I faced a wall of mountains. And I realized that even though I love her and her family, I’m where I need to be. I am much happier here than I was months ago.

So I went for a run. Although I’m dehydrated and ate unhealthy food for the past few days, along with no running since Monday, I made it 4 miles in 49:32 minutes.

This put me at a 12:23 average pace. And that doesn’t make me very happy. My splits were 10:33; 12:25; 12:40; 13:53. My final mile was over a minute longer than the other three. If I would have stopped at 3 miles, I could have had a 11:48 pace. But it isn’t always how fast you run. Sometimes it’s about not giving up, even when you want to. Although that over-12-minute-pace doesn’t make me happy, I finished all 4 miles and that’s something to be proud of.

—->Do not give up on yourself.<—-

Running September:

  • Sept 14th: 4.00 miles in 49:32 minutes: 12:23 min/mile
  • Sept 8th: 3.08 miles in 31:22 minutes; 10:11 min/mile
  • Sept 7th: 5.0 miles in 58:53 minutes; 11:45 min/mile
  • Sept 6th: 3.0 miles in 36:04 minutes; 12:02 min/mile
  • Sept 3rd: 2.4 miles in 28:08 minutes; 11:44 min/mile
  • Sept 2nd: 2.45 miles in 27:05 minutes; 11:06 min/mile
  • Sept 1st: 3.0 miles in 37:00 minutes; 12:30 min/mile

As much as I did not want to do this to myself, I included Hains Point in my long run route. I also opted to quietly pay my respect as I made my way through the Arlington National Cemetery instead of following the adjacent path as I normally do on my runs.


I opted for a conservative pace as I am still unsure whether my hip can tolerate these distances.  The first nine miles came easily, but the broken glass feeling surfaced during the last two miles ... hopefully nothing some rest, ice, and foam rolling cannot fix.  

I now get to enjoy a quiet afternoon resting my legs and cuddling my cats.  Clearly I have an exciting life ... hope you guys had success in your weekend runs 


p.s. The bylaws of running state that we must smile on our post run selfies even when it feels like someone just hit our hip with a spiked bat!


27 Days

14 miles in 2:06:23

I had exactly two hours between when I stepped out my front door and when I needed to step back in to avoid being late for work.
With a half marathon personal record of 2:19, I thought, “Maybe I can get in 10 or 11 miles before work and I’ll do the rest tonight.”

Friends, I crushed 14 miles in just 6 minutes over 2 hours.

Which means I ran a SUB TWO HOUR half marathon.

I am so incredibly impressed with and proud of myself.
To think, before April of this year, I hadn’t run more than 3 miles consecutively for over a decade.

Never say never, because you can.
With time, determination, and a touch of magic, you can.

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Composed by; John Peasano

The Maze Runner - 19th September 2014


Felt like pretending to be a model today 😎, only did 4 miles instead of 6 because my left foot felt like it was on the verge of spraining. Also have my 2nd session with my pt tomorrow!! So yea, gotta make sure I’m alright. I’m seriously just recovering from the last one 😑 but I’m excited!

A couple notes on endurance running nutrition

I’ve run a lot of 20+ milers in the last 10 months or so (23 of them according to Garmin).  And I’ve done some experimentation with nutrition in the process.  I’ve tested different foods and different timing to see how they digest and what effect they have on energy levels and overall stamina.  Some of these things may seem obvious either anecdotally or if you trust the marketing departments of various companies.  But i can comment on 3 classes of foods with some certainty at this point.

Clif Bars:

I eat a lot of clif bars on long runs.  They provide sustained, mild energy and sit right in the middle of the amount of calories your body can process per hour (they’re in the 250 calorie range).  Typical macronutrient profile is 5-6 grams of fat, 10 grams of protein, and 40ish grams of carbs (a mix of simple and complex).  You might say the protein is useless during a run, but studies have shown that people that eat protein while running perform better than those that don’t, so it’s doing something.  Digestion of a clif bar starts slow and drags out.  So I find them very good for the first couple hours of a long run or ultra.  Especially at an easy pace when your body burns a larger proportion of fat.

In a 2.5 hour run, I would eat a clif bar before I start, 1 after the first hour and one at about 1:45.  And that would be great for a sustained, low intensity pace.  In an ultra I might survive on clif bars for the first 4 or 5 hours.  They’re not so good for higher intensity, though.

Honey Stinger Waffles

Waffles are about 160 calories and have a mix of fat and carbs.  But the carbs are simpler than clif bars and digest faster.  I eat a waffle expecting to feel it in about 15-20 minutes and have the energy last for a little while.  Waffles are about the mid point between something complex like a clif bar and simple sugars like a gel, block, or bean.  They’re also MUCH easier to eat that a clif bar if your stomach is upset and easier to eat than a gu if you’re one of those people that has problems with gus.  It feels and tastes like real food and goes down easy.

In a marathon, I eat waffles in the first couple of hours to get some legit calories.  They’re much easier to eat and digest at a semi aggressive pace.


After today I wonder why I eat anything other than gu in a race situation.  probably because the consistency and sweetness can get tough to deal with after a while.  And I like to save the gu kick for when I really need it.  Gu’s are 100 calories of pure sugars, some extra fast digesting and some that take slightly longer (only slightly).  I eat a gu expecting to feel it within about 10 minutes and I can definitely feel it.  Unlike the previous two foods, you really notice gu.  Maybe it’s because I don’t start taking them until late in a run when my energy is fading.  But the boost they provide is obvious and awesome.

In a late marathon situation, I eat a gu every 20-25 minutes to make sure the energy keeps pumping.

General Philosophy

As an endurance runner, I try to teach my body to burn more fat than normal in training.  So I aim for heavy foods with a higher fat content early in runs (usually clif bars and lara bars).  It makes the run a little more challenging.  But it pays dividends over time.  Eating a gu when you’re not used to it provides a big jolt in a run.  So I try to save them for races or if I’m aiming for an aggressive finish to a training run (or as bonk insurance in a longer run).

Totally Unrelated

I ate Australian Yogurt for the first time today.  It was delicious but sooooo rich and fatty that I don’t think I could handle it on a normal day.  I’m trying Icelandic Yogurt next time.

Maca Peanut Butter Oatmeal 👌 topped with banana, grapes, vanilla almond granola and @peanutbutterco crunch time peanut butter 😍