runjumpcatchclimb said:

Thought I'd say "Hi" to a fellow FRabbits fan. Out of curiosity what's you're favourite Frightened Rabbit song and Lyric?

Yay! Hello! I love meeting FR fellow fans :)

My favourite FR song is Fast Blood. It’s the darned guitar solo and all the rest of it, of course.

My favourite lyric is either ‘like a drunken night, it’s the best bits that are coloured in’ or ‘Fall down, find God, just to lose it again, glue the community together, we’re hammering it. Fell down, found love, but I can lose it again, but now our communal heart, it beats miles from here’

Out of interest, what’s yours?

runjumpcatchclimb said:

Hi, How are you? I recently started selling posters of my artwork, There's a couple of Motion City Soundtrack inspired ones. My blog name is runjumpcatchclimbdesign. I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look. Thanks.

These are awesome! Everybody go check these out right now! Link here

I personally enjoy the Time Turned Fragile posters the most :]

Fcuk!ng Batsard

You call me annoying, yeah and people love me for being annoying, emotionally clingy, you call it emotionally clingy, I call it CARING, and fcuk!ng crazy, well you don’t know the half of it. People call me crazy, not because they know me, but because of how I act, I may act crazy, but it is because I don’t like showing people the real me, so I act like I do, it is to protect me.
Do not judge me untill you know the full story.
I hate people who talk about me before they talk to me, and I hate people who break promises.

runjumpcatchclimb said:

The character count on the reply box is really limiting what I want to say. I got a friend a copy of the midnight organ fight for Christmas, so I've got to wait and see if she likes it. I would like to see them live, they were in Manchester a few years ago but I hadn't heard of them back then so I missed it. the pieces are on my blog, I've got a few other FRabbit ones to upload but I can make one for you if you'd like.

Stupid character limits.

Nice Christmas present! I’m sure she’ll love it. I’ve met very few folk who aren’t immediately in love with that album.

You must see them live, must! They were in Manchester twice last year as well cause I was down for both of them. I reckon they’ll be back for the new album tour though so I doubt you’ll have long to wait for a chance to see them.

Cool! I’ll check them out.