So an update on RFYL 5k or how I was still screwed over....

Like an actual zombie coming to life, the Run For Your Life 5k “Orlando” has been resurrected for this Saturday under the name “Zombie Run 5k”.  The downside?

It’s in Dade City, aka an hour and a half away if there is miraculously no traffic on I-4 (which won’t happen).  The original race was only half an hour away.  I guess it’s nice for people who live closer to Tampa, but for me, it’s still a waste of money.  Boo!

On a more positive note, I went to see Thor: The Dark World Last night.  It was a fun movie, and I really enjoyed it a lot and think it sets up well for Marvel Phase 3 (specifically Thor 3 and Avengers 3).  The one real miscue of the movie was that there wasn’t nearly enough Loki in it, but it was otherwise good.