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You mentioned something a out Runic inscription for weight loss?

so I did~

I’ve been practicing Rune magic for a long time, and in my collection of Runescript magic there’re tons of different scripts for different purposes. 

talking about weight loss scripts:

-this one is called “Liposuctor”. you put Fehu+Ken+Isa together as it’s shown below:

-and this constraction is included in two Hagalazes

-that’s what you shall recieve in the end. Fehu symbolizes the excessive weight, Isa stops you from growing..bigger (I hate the f** word) and Ken burns it all. two Hagalazes act as a cage or a frame which pushes all the Runes to work and to destroy what is not needed. I advice you to put it on your photo (body parts, not face) using red paint or your own blood. do not forget to mention what you expect and want from each Rune. like “oh Isa, keep me slim, do not let grow the fat on me” (WHAT) etc. 

next one:

-this help to eat less, to reduce appetite in general, and brings positive changes in your body. Isa - freezes your appetite, Kenaz - burns excessive weight, Dagaz - brings changes. again you mention what you expect from the Runes, draw it on your left wrist with red pen. I suppose, it differs from one person to another, but each script starts it’s work in three days time.

the third script:

-those Runes you put on your tummy writing them from the first on the left (Rune Uruz) to the last on the right (Isa). (be aware - you don’t want them to be mirrored). and you draw them on your left hand, on the edge of it, to be exactly, moving from the beginning of your palm towards your pinky finger. for this script use blue or black pen. Uruz - is your body and energy in it (so, it will boost your body with energy), Dagaz - change (because there’s Uruz - change in your body), Laguz - you ask your excessive weight to float away as river does, Kenaz - you ask for the weight to burn down, Isa - blocking your appetite.

the fourth:

- first five Runes are put together in a script. those Runes are - Mannaz (operator, means ‘you’ or ‘your body’), Bercano (enhances female beauty, grace and power in your body), Fehu (burns and destroys the unneeded weight), Wunyo (brings happiness from losing weight, you do not getting depressed during your diet), Thurisaz (keeps you on your path towards your aim). all are in red colour on your left arm.

and the last I can recommend:

-the order in which the Runes shall be written on your left wrist (in red colour again) is right above them. you start with Hgalaz (it destroys the kilos you don’t want to have), Sowilo on the left (burns with the Sun power those kilos down), Sowilo on the right (boosting metabolism), Jera on the left (brings the result of the diet as quick as possible), and the last Jera (keeps your eyes on the result you want to achieve and not on food)

so, this is it~

hope, you’ll lose those kilos as fast as you want~

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What was your first rune script?

the first written were focused on physical beauty, and losing some weight. it didn’t feel right, because it was taken from a well-known rune-writer, so I did one myself. and I see it as the most beautiful  runescript I’ve ever done ^__^ 

PLEASE, do not use it on yourself. it might not work well.