200M Farming!

best & worst day of my life tbh, but I’m glad I can stop blowing $$$ on this now. shoutout to my cute friends for being a good sport & putting up with my bitching/excitement. I still remember exactly 2-3 years ago when I was under 20M farming and said I wanted to get 200M farming; this person told me that I would never get it. :c LOOK AT ME NOW UNST UNST UNST ~ ~ ~


I recorded me modeling all 3a dyed items for anyone who is interested. 

Idk if i should post the full shadow/barrows outfits too??? do i

I just wanna say a quick thankyou for all the lovely support I got on my last post!

I felt so guilty that I didn’t give that person a bond and worried in case I made the wrong decision,  you guys made me feel much better about the whole thing <33

Kill 619. Reaper gains are real. Got middle piece first kill of yesterday’s reaper task and this on the last kill of today’s task. Let’s hope the eye piece as fast as i got these leg pieces.

The very next kill I got cleaved as I was finished with phase 3.