On the run from the law, Ashton has been a fugitive for three years now. After one slip up, he ends up separated from Calum and Michael and has to figure out a way to avoid getting arrested.

And if that means taking a certain blonde boy hostage, then so be it.


A Boy named Owen Neal anderson  went missing at 12:30 am 11/24/14 from Jackson, Michigan

He is 16 years old

He is 5’ 9” tall 

120 lbs


he has brown curly hair and blue eyes

He has two tattoos: a sun on his inner right forearm and a moon on is inner left forearm

He has a history of drug use and depression

He took cash and his mom’s white/tan Mini Cooper (Black top)

the car has Michigan plates and reads RED P1LL

please help us find him

Hi. My name is Cedar, I am 15 and agenderfluid. I live in Hastings, Minnesota- around the Twin Cities- and I’m currently living in an abusive situation.

What I need is someone who has a safe space to stay for me if I have to run from here. I don’t currently have a job, but I can find one if I need to so that I can help pay for my stay with you.

If anyone can help me please send me a message.


"I’m actually more of a visual artist than a sonic artist. I’d been in art school since I was five years old, I was on national competitions since age 14 and I went to Art College. I had three different scholarships and I went to the American Academy of Art, at that time I was still doing music and I had a record deal on the table when I was 19 years old and I decided to follow music completely. But I always wanted to bring back that information of art, so that’s why it was always important in my videos and my album covers of mixing these two worlds and letting people know how important art was.”