I got some new food this week, it has given me a spring in my step and lots of good feelings! I don’t really know why I got new food, but who am I to complain. Some mornings I am having to tell mum that I am hungry, she can be so slow sometimes!

It is also my favourite time of year, in the mornings when the grass is wet and the sun is shining, when it isn’t too hot. I run as fast as I can and then do a roll and wriggle about! Soo much fun! You have got to try it sometimes! I can’t wait to teach baby Oak how to do a proper Frenchie run!

So close to being out of the 200’s I can’t even believe it. 😊 I’m not even sure when I was under 220. This #journey really is tough work. But I have realized i’m not doing this for the #compliments or for anyone else. I’m doing this for the young girl who couldn’t #run a #mile in under 14 minutes in HS, the little girl who was told “you’re just big boned, its how your built,” not to prove everyone else wrong but prove myself right. I may not be there yet but if I stay #focused anything is possible!


They don’t call it long run Monday for nothing. So the first couple miles were on a super hilly trail with my teammate who has really bad shin splints. Then I started going at a fairly nice speed, and it felt real nice! It was so gorgeous outside today 🌻

Healthy Enough to Run Again

I’d say I’m about 89% healthy but that’s good enough for me to get back out and start running. Two days off was almost unbearable with such a minor cold but it was just what my body needed.

My original plan was only to run an easy 4 miles today but then I talked to my friend Lindsey from RWB and she was running this afternoon too so I decided to join her for her run because running with someone is always more fun. We got really lucky today because the weather was surprisingly cool. 

I started out by running to where we were going to meet up. It was only about a mile and a half but I took a slightly longer route to round it out to two miles. 

I didn’t know how far Lindsey intended to go, I suppose that’s something I should have asked before I met up with her but i figured that it wouldn’t be too far as she’s running the race tomorrow too. As it turns out she was scheduled to run 6 miles, I felt comfortable enough to run it all with her. It was nice running with a partner. We talked and shared our running and Navy experiences and about tomorrows race. It was fun. 

After the run we said our goodbyes and our see you tomorrows and I ran the two miles back home. 

In all these runs I felt really good. There were a couple time where I had to cough some crap out of my chest but besides that there were no issues from my cold that messed with my run. I’m still not sure how well I’ll do tomorrow at the race but no matter how I do I’ll still have fun and enjoy the tacos and beer at the end. 

beautiful day


With a race coming up this Sunday, decided to do some ‘active resting’ for a day - took advantage of a myriad of errands to run by walking in and around Buffalo during the afternoon - as part of recovering from Saturday’s half.  Racing a half marathon is just taxing enough to 'work’ on recovering, especially if you’ll be preparing for a race in the near future.

Sunday’s race, The Elephant Run, is one of my favorites, a 4 mile race begun 9 years ago by a very nice local family in memory of their late daughter and to benefit organ donation projects.  I’ve become friends with the family through the race over the years.

Today was a beautiful day for a walk, sunny, temps reaching the 70’s, revealing a glorious world.


On Saturday, I ran my last track meet of my junior year (technically my first year of college track…my first two years, I was part of a club and we trained as if it was still xc season). It was a great year! I made a bunch of friends, PRed repeatedly, and almost qualified for the half marathon while only training for the 1500. For conference I ran the 1500 and 5k. I was so thankful I wasn’t running the 4x4 because after the 5k I was exhausted. However, I was asked to run it and I did. Our team barely won the 4x4. The girl almost caught me. To be honest if she had, nobody would have had the right to be upset because I had ran and was so tired. Anyway, I PRed in the 1500.