Has everyone in Storybrooke forgotten that Gold saved their lives from Peter Pan? Then was resurrected, held against his will and lost his son.

Not saying what he did in 4A was right but I’m already sick of them acting like he is beyond redemption when Regina and Hook did a lot worse for less reason.

So, obviously, Rumpelstiltskin is still cursed in Storybrooke. That’s not a justification, mind you, it’s just a fact.

My question is, why hasn’t Belle been able to cure him?

I’m not talking about the bad decisions or his addiction to power. I’m talking about his curse—and, evidently, his tie to the dagger—itself. In theory, shouldn’t true love’s kiss work just as well as in the Enchanted Forest, given that magic is present?

Man, I don’t even know, maybe they just kissed too often and used up their true love’s kiss quota.