• Me:*scrolls through Tumblr in public* *comes across smut*
  • Friend:oh my gods that is so gross!!!
  • Me:I know right! I always come across this gross stuff on my blog. Like ew, I don't want to see that. *scrolls away from smut*
  • Friend:that is exactly why I don't have Tumblr *walks away*
  • Me:*scrolls back to the smut and favourites it while fangirling about my Otp*
Talk to Me, a Rumbelle Fic

Summary: A radio talk show seemed like the perfect way for Rumford Gold to occupy his time without interacting too deeply with people. After all, who can really make a connection over the phone?

Rating: NC-17. It’s phone sex. It was… quite an experience to write. I still don’t know how I feel about it.

Dedication: To Woodelf68 for giving me an idea for the radio frequency, to whoever gave me the idea for the name of the radio (I’m sorry! I can’t recall) and to whatever idiot thought it’d be funny to suggest the idea of radio host!Gold. I will hunt you down, Liam Neeson-style.

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I just realized something

This was a trick question

The answer was everyone everyone is pregnant

….even the fans….

…because of this…

and this

and this

and this

and this

and this

dont forget this one

and maybe even a little of this

actually he gets two

yes him too

and yes even the Swan Queen Shippers

but not this…never this

It’s our anniversary! One year of Rumbelle. Isn’t that grand?

To celebrate this very special event we’re planing a Fluffapalooza. One perfect day without angsty tears or death, Happy Ends guaranteed with a high possibility for kittens, balloons, snuggle-sex and ice cream.

Join the fun, spread the fluff and mend those broken Rumbelle-hearts by posting your Rumbelle-Fluffapalooza-piece on February the 12th!

Don’t forget to tag it with one year of rumbelle, so we can all enjoy the fluff together, may it be a drawing or a gif, video, a fluffy story about kittens or some romantic Rumbelle smut!

Suggestions and Questions are always welcome! You can come to me or to the very lovely ceiphiedknight, who is so kind to organise this very special, very romantic, very fluffy day for us.

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Woodelf's Rumbelle Smut Rec List

(In no particular order. Might fine-tune with more story links later, but this has taken me ages to do this much!)


Title: Insecurity

Summary: Belle has doubts and fears just like Rumplestiltskin. And just like Rumplestiltskin, sometimes they get the better of her.

 Rumplestiltskin hadn’t touched her in a month.

 At night, despite sharing the same bed, an ocean of sheets spread out between them, clearly marking ‘his’ and ‘hers’ where before there had only been ‘theirs’. If Belle moved, whether in sleep or otherwise (to comfort him from the nightmares that plagued him, that woke him and made him jolt or scream or claw the headboard in terror), Rumplestiltskin would carefully shift her back, gentle elbow nudges and fingertips carefully on clothes and not her. Or he would move, curling on his side so close to the edge of the mattress that she would roll away to prevent him from falling onto the floor.

 She’d tried to kiss him several times before he left in the mornings, planting herself in his path, hiding his keys or cane, leaning against the door to prevent him from sneaking past her. Her efforts had been rewarded (a few times, but it was better than nothing), but the kisses had been quick, a brush of lips, nothing but mouths touching.

 He didn’t run his hands up her sides, or bury his fingers in her hair. He didn’t take her hand or her arm when they walked. Her foot brushing his under the table lead to him shifting, mumbling apologies before he smoothly lead the conversation back to whatever they’d been talking about.

 They still talked. All the time, constant chatter, conversations that lasted until dawn, phone calls when he was away, but it was all they ever did (he always told her he loved her, and it was never a lie, and he said it and it should have been enough for her).

 Belle had to hunt him down to steal a kiss (and it did feel like a theft, taking what he obviously did not want to give, forcing him into a situation where he wasn’t comfortable and only gave in so he could leave).

 It hurt, realizing that her true love didn’t want her anymore.

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A Librarian and her Chernabog

In which Rumple actually left Chernabog in the hat as a gift for Belle. 

I did the thing, please feel free to prompt me for this verse because I kinda adore it. 


To the library, of course. That’s where she did the best work, after all.

Belle quite enjoyed the silence that seemed to permeate the entire building, that wrapped around her and gave her a chance to properly breathe. In the library, she didn’t need to keep her smiling face, didn’t need to repeat her constant reassurances of: “I’m fine.” 

"Hold on, love, you-"

An uncomfortable shiver shot up her spine at the voice, her lip twitching downwards. She supposed she might actually get an actual apology from the pirate, maybe even a muttered admission of his various attempts to kill her and his successful gunshot into her shoulder. 

Belle struggled to turn and meet his irksome gaze, steeling herself to-

A yell caught her attention, Marco, the man pointing with one hand pushing August behind him. He was looking up towards her library, but why? 

She was about to follow the gaze when she finally noted the large shadow that had covered both her and Killian out of no where, a violent shake of the ground tossing her a few steps to the side. 

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Darkly Intriguing, A Rumbelle/Addams Family crossover, Part 1

Summary: Belle French, antiques book dealer and restorer, find herself befriending and odd but compelling couple, Gomez and Morticia Addams. It is while she restores the family library that Cousin Rumple first stumbles into her, and the sparks are immediate. But the deeper Belle goes into the strange world of the Addams’s the more worried friends and family members grow.

A/N: I’ll be posting this a series of small chapters, mostly from Belle and Rumple’s POV. There won’t be any consistent updates, I’m afraid, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Rating: Will go up to at least an R. PG so far.

Dedicated to Gepardo, for his birthday and for that other thing you all know about.

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Welcome to the Rumbelle Library!

This blog will be dedicated to Rumbelle fanfiction and authors of Rumbelle fanfiction.  It will be a place where we can recommend, praise, and discuss Rumbelle fanfic, as well as archive our own INDIVIDUAL Rumbelle fic rec pages.  This is NOT a contest or anything like that.  This will be an ongoing, developing blog. 

This blog is a work in progress and more details will be coming over the next several weeks.  But for now — if you’re a reader or author (or both) of Rumbelle fanfiction, please like this blog, please share this blog, and please stay tuned for more details. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions, the ask box is OPEN.  Anon is turned on.  Please keep in mind that this blog is being run for fun and will be updated as time allows.  :) 

Rumbelle Fanfiction: One Night Stand

RATING: Explicit

SUMMARY: When Belle asks Mr Gold for a delay in rent for her father, Gold is willing to forgive all the debt for one night with Belle. But he never expected her to accept his proposal. IndecentProposal!Remix

NOTES: During the write of Indecent Proposal I was wondering a lot about Belle’s characterization. I like the rare moments on the show when she shows her sense of humor. With Rumple she is always so gentle and patient so I wanted to explore this side of her as well. Hence the Remix. 

Thanks to foreveronelittlewish for  her amazing gif-sets! And thanks to my dear Fluffy, temporalteatime, for discussions and listening to my whining and everything.
This is for shadowsseeker. She encouraged me and so far I never have written anything for her and that needed to change. And this is for all of you. My very belated Fluffapalooza-story is finally here! I hope you enjoy!


Noah Gold couldn’t afford to dream of things without price tags. And he certainly couldn’t afford to fall in love with Belle French. But unfortunately, he had. Even worse, he loved her.

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The Family You Choose

Rumbelle Secret Santa 2014

Recipient: neelixnoodles

Prompt: Neal, Rumbelle, and wedding preparations

Summary: Neal helps Belle and Rumpelstiltskin plan their wedding.  He’s determined to bring his growing family together.  All of them.

Dear Neelixnoodles,

I couldn’t wait to post this, I was too excited.  It’s been a pleasure being your Santa this year.  You’re so sweet and I love your art.  You’re so talented!  Your prompt was really fun to write.  I hope you like it!

Love and hugs,



To their surprise and delight, Neal is not only supportive when they tell him they’re getting married, he is downright giddy.  His eyes light up and his hands clap together in a way that is totally incongruous with his image of world-weary 32 year old man.

With such a reaction, it shouldn’t have come as a shock to either of them that he was more than eager to have a finger in every pie when it came to planning the big day.  He arrives at the pink house bright and early the day after they tell him their news, arms laden with ribbon and scrapbooks and bridal magazines.

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Love and Superheroes Ch. 27

Ruby was the first to react.

Her reaction was to exclaim, “Holy shit!” while everyone stared at Belle. Even the nurse at the nurse’s station was looking on in disbelief. Belle never used physical violence. Ever. It was unheard of.

"You heartless bitch."

She also never swore.

Apparently, it was a day for firsts all around.

"Bae was in the car with Killian," Belle snarled. "Bae, our son, in a car that crashed, and you ask about your boyfriend? You’re worried about the man that kidnapped our son?”

Milah’s face was flushed, with anger and the red mark left on her cheek, when she stepped towards Belle.

David rested his hand on the butt of his gun, shifting his weight to be ready to separate them if he needed to.

"Killian had my permission to go get Bae. He didn’t kidnap him!"

"But you don’t have the legal right to take Bae off school grounds," Gold bit out. "So you cannot give anyone permission. Therefore you and Killian both just committed a kidnapping. Enjoy jail."

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I will probably edit this tomorrow because I rushed the ending and don’t like it but I was really excited to have written something again so I just had to post it! 

Prompt: Rumple used to love it when Belle ran her fingers through his hair. After coming back from Zelena, he just hates it.

Beautiful art inspired from this story by the ever talented RiskPig


Rumplestiltskin used to love it when Belle ran her fingers through his hair.

It was a familiar gesture that had always brought a layer of calm and peacefulness over his body.

Sometimes she would do it absently as they sat by each other on the couch. She would be entranced in a novel and he would just be holding her, thankful for every moment they got to spend together. She would reach one hand out to the locks trailing over his shoulders and absently twirl it through her fingertips. Sometimes she would stop when she reached a particularly exciting part of her book, too deep in her own world to even move. Then she would resume. Slow twirls sliding through her dainty fingers. He would allow this to go on for awhile before it would become too much and he would reach his own hand out, pulling hers away and gently kissing each finger tip. At this Belle would look up to him from her book and smile shyly.

He loved it when Belle purposefully buried her hand in his hair whenever they kissed, gently teasing his neck with a brush of her nails or a quick massage to his scalp. Her hands would bring him pleasure without even leaving the long entangled locks of brown and grey.

He loved the way she would use his hair to guide him to all the parts of her body that brought her pleasure when they would make love.

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Rumbelle Fanfiction: Indecent Proposal

RATING: Explicit

SUMMARY: After running into Mr Gold, Isabelle French tries to explain why her father hasn’t repaid his loan. True to his reputation, Mr Gold is having none of the excuses and suggests an alternate payment: one night with her.

NOTES: This is for foreveronelittlewish who prompted this story with one of her amazing gif-sets and she created the summary for this story as well! Isn’t she amazing? Yes, she is!


“My price is one night,” Gold said calmly as if he just asked for a cup of tea.

“With my dad?” Belle asked, giggling. “I didn’t know you roll that way …”

“Hilarious.” He didn’t even bother to glare at her. “And you know I’m talking about a night with you.”

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Title: “Match Dot Com” 12.0

Summary: Belle takes Pongo for a walk and discovers a mysterious little shop with dark tinted windows.

Rating: NC-17 (maniacally laughs)

Note: I really love the way this chapter came out.

It’s Three-thirty, on this Tuesday afternoon. The sun shines brightly in the cloudless blue sky above Storybrooke, as the Mayor leaves work early and heads out to her car. There really isn’t a logical reason for her early leave from work. The day is beautiful and she didn’t want to spend the rest of it cooped up at city hall. On top of that, she has no important work to do this week, unless something unexpected pops up. So, she walks out of the doors an hour and thirty minute early. Being the mayor of a city does have it’s perks, why not fucking use them.

Belle sits in her black Cadillac, outside of the office building, and skims through the messages on her phone. With the Equal Match app still broken, she has countless new messages from random people and creeps waiting for her. And none of the texts are from Rumple. She knows he’s at work and it’s most likely that he’s busy today, so she won’t text him until later. She deletes all the messages, turns her phone off and starts the car, driving herself home.

At the house, Belle changes into a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, preparing to take Pongo for a long walk. She takes his leash down from the hooks by the front door and Pongo fills with excitement, wagging his tail and jumping up on Belle. It’s been a while since they’ve taken a walk together and today is the perfect day for one.

She attaches the leash on Pongo’s collar and opens the door.  

He darts out of the house like a bullet, dragging Belle behind him, rushing down the steps of the porch, straight out into the street.

"Hold on, Pongo, just stop," she demands and the vivacious pup listens, stopping in his tracks. "Holy hell. You didn’t allow me to lock the door. Come on, boy." She leads them back to the house and locks the door. "Let’s try that again. This time, I’m leading."

Pongo looks up at her and barks, not giving a shit who leads. He just wants to go and go right the fuck now. He continuously tugs on the leash, anxious to get moving.

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