• Professor "NotRumple" :So hum, what do you do to relax when you're not asking me, a real Prefessor from Oxford to translate something?
  • Belle :Oh I spend some time with my friends
  • Professor "NotRumple" :Friend? Male friend? Are you seeing anyone? I'm just asking you know, because I'm just a professor, I'm not your husband. Obsolutely not.
  • Belle :I'm not seeing anyone. And well, I like books...
  • Professor "NotRumple" :Yes, I've always loved that about you... I mean I would have loved that about you, if we had met one day in our lives. But we didn't, because I live in Oxford. What kind of books?
  • Belle :Well fairytales..
  • Professor "NotRumple" :Fairytales like Rumplestiltskin. Do you like the story of Rumplestiltskin? Or The Beauty and The Beast? Great story too.
  • Belle :...
  • Belle :You could at least try to be subtle Rumple. It's getting really hard to act like I don't know that it's you.
  • Professor "NotRumple" :...
  • Professor "NotRumple" :...
  • Professor "NotRumple" :...
  • Professor "NotRumple" :Oh look at the time it this here in Oxford, where I live, because I'm a professor and not your husband. I have to go. Have a nice day.

Question: Is Once Upon a Time actually considering a Belle/Hook pairing or are they just keeping the two busy, while Rumple and Emma are busy with the Queens of Darkness? —Linda
Ausiello: No, no, no. They’re not hinting at a Belle/Hook pairing. Belle and Will Scarlett, however, may be a different story, as you’ll see teased this Sunday. As series co-creator Eddy Kitsis notes, Belle and Will, after all, have “a lot in common,” in that “they both fell in love with villains (Rumple and Wonderland’s Red Queen, respectively), and they both hoped that these villains would be redeemed.” And they both were let down. With Rumple banished (as far as Belle knows!) and Anastasia MIA, “Anytime you have your heart broken,” Kitsis says, “you look for a way to smile again.”

Prompt: In a cursed Storybrooke, Belle is a vain and shallow young woman married to Mr Gold. She would only “deign” to sleep with her husband in the dark in order to not see his face. But in a remarkable twist of fate, Emma’s presence awakens Belle instead of Rumplestiltskin.

Okay where are the ‘Belle and Rumple have cybersex while he’s pretending to be an Oxford Professor but then he gets all deep and angsty when he realizes she didn’t know it was him but then we later find out she knew it was him’ fics?