When this list of Woody Guthrie’s “New Year’s Rulin’s” popped up on the internet a year ago, it became an instant classic of the season. Which means that the time  has rolled around to remember it, reread it and take it again to heart. There’s a rulin’ on it to suit just about anybody because it never hurts to be reminded “Don’t get lonesome,” “Stay glad,” “Dream good” and “Love everybody.” Also, “Wash teeth if any.”

Happy New Year everybody!

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TV Review: Powers S1E9 Level 13

A review of Powers S1E9 Level 13. Just one more episode to go? We hope… #powers #psn

In the penultimate episode written by the Powers comic co-creator Brian Michael Bendis, Walker (Sharlto Copley) decides how far he is willing to go to regain his powers as Johnny Royalle (Noah Taylor) sets the plan in motion to kill Wolfe (Eddie Izzard). Meanwhile the Powers Division sets a plan to catch Royalle in the act and discover where Walker’s true allegiance lies.

The series has gotten…

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Listening to Just Wanna Be With You by Vanessa Hudgens, Lucas Grabeel, Zac Efron, Olesya Rulin & The Cast of High School Musical

You’re on my mind, you’re in my heart
It doesn’t matter where we are.

Give me a sign – Preview it on Path.

This how i be feelin sometimes when my phone be makin no sounds…. not even *crickets*
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Listening to Just Wanna Be With You by Vanessa Hudgens, Lucas Grabeel, Zac Efron, Olesya Rulin & The Cast of High School Musical

All I wanna do, is be with you. There’s nothing we can do, just wanna be with you. Only you~ – Preview it on Path.

[RayonMusicRD.Com ] Estreno: Neon El Alterao Ft La Pelota - Rulin ((Video Oficial))

Llegale al nuevo video de Neon El Alterao junto a La Pelota
titulado “Rulin” realizado por GG Films. Dale Pley y Actualizate!!!

thistlewhiskey asked:

Ye alwis tell me te fuck aff! E'en if I'm tryin' te be nice te ye! -Therein was the problem. Hugh didn't really realise when he was winding his brother up so he felt like this was a constant thing, that Arthur thought him stupid and unworthy of even breathing the same air as him.- Yer no the reason? Are ye havin' a fuckin' laugh? Who the fuck dae ye think is the reason? Are ye the wan whit I'm rulin' n' fuckin' awp the arse the hale time? I try te be nice, visit ye.. n' ye dinnae give a shite.

[Arthur really didn’t want this resulting in another shouting match between them, but here he was, raising his voice anyways.]

Well if you showing up and practically throwing a bird bath through my window is nice, then clearly, I know nothing about kindness. I know I’m not always the reason, but I also know you wouldn’t dare admit your own faults!

Perhaps if you could realise how much of an arse you are sometimes, you’d figure out how to show up on someone’s doorstep and not make them want to mail you across the bloody ocean.  

For all you know, I do give a shit. But then you act like a pile of shit, and I want nothing more to do with it.