More Art Monday: We know a lot of our student members are having their spring break right about now. Are you off to the beach for some relaxation and fun? Having a cram session at the library or pulling all nighters in your studio? Whichever it is, we hope you enjoy your time off!

Waterslide, Wildwood, New Jersey,” 1981, Jack Carnell

Girl in Sailor’s Shirt Reading,” 1927-28, Emil Ganso

Jonkonnu Festival,” 1996, Vincent D. Smith

Painter in His Studio,” 1610 – 1685, Copy after Adriaen van Ostade

Swimming Pool,” date unknown, Ellis Ruley

Woman with a Palette,” 1927, Arshile Gorky

A Story Without Words would not have been possible without our incredible cast and crew...

Sound Recordist: Anna Drummond // the-token-one
Assistant Sound: Michaela Amanda Laws // thebunnyofevil
ADR/Foley Director: Jonah Scott // jonahscottva
Original Composition: Christopher Escalante // thechristopherescalante

Art/Grip/Storyboard/2nd AC: Camille Ruley // unruleyart
Costuming/Gaffer/2nd AC: Grace Hazlett

Co-producers/Directors/Editors: John Daniel Depa // depafilms & thoughtification; Emily Solomon // jeankrstn

Eren: Ty Kisor // canonjaeger
Jean: Jonah Scott // jonahscottva

  • Jonah "I Stand on Apple Boxes" Scott:.
  • Camille Ruley:amazing
  • Michaela Laws:remarkable
  • Camille Ruley:outstanding
  • Michaela Laws:10/10
  • Camille Ruley:you heard it here folks
  • Michaela Laws:"." copyright Jonah Scott
  • Jonah "I Stand on Apple Boxes" Scott:9.5/10 Gamespot
  • Camille Ruley:hey you can’t use ‘.’ gamespot
  • Camille Ruley:its copyright jonah scott
  • Camille Ruley:gosh
  • Michaela Laws:-gets lawyers-
  • Camille Ruley:*sues*