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♈ Aries: Entei  {Mars ♂ Fire}

♉ Taurus: Sylveon {Venus ♀ Earth}

♊ Gemini: Doublade {Mercury ☿ Air}

♋ Cancer: Cresselia {Moon ☾ Water}

♌ Leo: Volcarona {Sun ☉ Fire}

♍ Virgo: Metagross {Mercury ☿ Earth}

♎ Libra: Lucario {Venus ♀ Air}

♏ Scorpio: Zoroark  {Mars/Pluto ♂ ♇ Water}

♐ Sagittarius: Talonflame {Jupiter ♃ Fire}

♑ Capricorn: Diancie {Saturn ♄ Earth}

♒ Aquarius: Suicune {Saturn/Uranus ♄ ♅ Air}

♓ Pisces: Mew {Jupiter/Neptune ♃ ♆ Water}

Rule 47

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Part Seven.

“There has to be. We can’t be the first ones.” Hannah agrees, knowing full well that there just might be. But the last thing that either of them need right now is false hope. And so she keeps her mouth shut, because she’s got next to no helpful information for either of them.

Give it some time.

“Let’s do it then.” Grace blurts out, determination sparkling from her eyes.

“Do what?”

“Let’s have a baby.”

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     i.       i do not follow those with the same faceclaim(s) as aylen and i actively block
              anyone who uses them and follows me.  i have explicitely stated that i will do
              so in my rules.  if you are  not aware of this,  then you have neglected to read
              my rules altogether.  this demonstrates lack  of care or  consideration to  me.
              it may seem harsh  and i am  genuinely sorry for that! i’ve just. had so  many
              bad experiences  dealing with  people who  use and  copy my stuff.  it’s  very
              paranoid. but i’m doing what’s best for my own comfort  and sanity.  i try and
              limit  the  number  of  faceclaims   i  use  and   generally   make   exceptions
              towards   the   lesser   used   ones.   b u t.   if  you  use  or  reference  one  of
              my  well-used  faceclaims,  i can’t  help but  wonder  if i’m  more a resource
              than a potential writing partner to you.  again, i’m so extremely sorry. but i’m
              not lifting this rule whatsoever. please respect this!

Rules for my fitblr
  • I will never reblog photos of skinny white chicks on the beach.
  • Let’s be honest, I’ll never post anything that’s just a photo of a fit person.
  • No bullshit. No empty fitness fluff like “You’re only as hard as your training!” because you already know that.
  • Absolutely NO shaming. No body-shaming, food-shaming, lifestyle-shaming… none. 
  • Nothing that promotes negative self-image or poor mental/physical health. So no “train until it hurts”, no thigh gap exercise routines, no big bold graphics telling you that you’re somehow less than perfect because of how you look. 
  • I won’t reblog anything that’s trying to sell you something.
  • I’ll do my very best to avoid posting classist or ableist materials. If you see something that makes you uncomfortable or you’d like addressed, please contact me. Point it out.
  • I’ll always try to help everyone out. My ask box is open, anons enabled, so if there’s something you want to ask me, go ahead.
  • I am not a nutritionist of fitness coach and will never pretend to be, but I try to research everything I can so at the very least I won’t be advising anyone to stop eating “chemicals”.