Today we learned that there’s a name for that hazy, dreamy, timeless state of consciousness we experience just before waking up, a space between dreaming and wakefulness. It’s called the Hypnopompic State and it’s when your dreaming brain is trying to make sense of the real world. Have you ever woken in the middle of saying something aloud that suddenly makes absolutely no sense and you feel very confused? That’s the hypnopompic state. If you reach the hypnopompic state while in the middle of REM sleep, you may actually hallucinate for a few moments.

Inspired by a relative who experiences vivid hypnopompic hallucinations, Finnish designer Kustaa Saksi created Hypnopompic, a series of eight wonderfully strange and psychedelic jacquard woven tapestries and limited edition prints. The vibrant tapestries were produced by the TextielLab, which is located inside the TextielMuseum in the city of Tilburg in the southern Netherlands.

Through his medical research, Saksi has managed to link the state of ‘hypnopompic hallucinations’ with a view of the history of art and design. ‘I refer to scientific studies of the subject in my search for inspiration,’ he says. ‘The hypnopompic state has also been affiliated with visual delusions caused by migraine. These graphic patterns, designs and textures are thought to have contributed to the traditions of ornamentation, mosaic and textile.’

Click here to watch a video about the process of creating Saksi’s mindbending tapestries. Visit the TextielLab for additional photos and to learn more about this fascinating project.

[via Yellowtrace]


for the anon who asked about what my room looks like. 

its painted brilliant white throughout - white ikea furnishings - all my clothes are folded into little cubby spaces - the diy bulb vases are very easy to make - plant wall/ holdings for hair products - books and personal everyday things - my desk and wall hangings -

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