-What the hell ?! Don’t tell me that after all the crap we went through, she’s gonna end up MARRYING that Humper-dick ?
-Dean, stop spoiling ! And keep reading !
-Seriously, that’s such bullshit, Westley can’t be dead, who the hell ends up a story like th…
-Dean !!

Dean x The Princess Bride is now a canon ship, and I can die happy.

LikeShow week 8 / 2015, Missy Prince takeover edition

SLKTR’s Missy Prince top 5 photographs of the week.

Juan Aballe via untrustyou

William Rugen

Oliver Woods via The Photographic Image

Dave Jordano via Life On Mars

Wouter Van de Voorde


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Selektor III: Missy Prince


Inconceivable!!!  The cast of The Princess Bride reunited after 25 years.  I shed a tear seeing the small picture of Fezzik aka the late André the Giant in the bottom right corner of the reunion pic. Also the picture of the late Peter Falk (Grandpa/Narrator) is in the center of the group.