The ruffly petticoat begins! It doesn’t look like much now, but there are five more layers that will get piled over these. This petticoat will not be lacking in volume when it’s finished!

I used some shantung I had and two pieces of hooping wire to create a base that is flat in the front but provides volume to the back. Even though each tulle layer is built have this shape, the hoop will help keep everything hanging in the right direction.

It’s very short so the hoop will not be seen! You will just see layer upon layers of ruffles underneath the skirt. Each ruffle layer is longer than the last and i’m aiming for kneeish length. 

I have one of these adorable embellished leopard unpadded sheer and strappy bras I will be selling! Size 32B🌑 I had a similar one in nude I listed a while back that went very quick! Love this style, I wish I could find more base bras like this! I added super cute black ruffles to the bust hem and silky satin elastic to the waist. DM me if you’d like to pay for it right now ($68.00+shipping) otherwise I will be listing it to the shop sometime tonight as well as the red set I posted about yesterday💌

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