Ahh the evolution of a petticoat. One of natures many wonders. 

Okay, not quite. But it’s fun to see how the silhouette developed over the week of making it! It has a small hoop/shantung base with six ruffly layers overtop. Each layer has three tiers - two from netting, and one from fabric.

I used ten yards of netting, two yards of opalescent lamé, three yards of glitter organza, one yard of silver lamé, and a whole spool of thread. 

I still have to trim a few threads but it’s almost done! I blogged about the process here, and have a video of how it looks in movement here!

Horse Hair Braid/Super Ruffles Tutorial

Some designs have mountains of ruffles or such flowy ruffles. Sometimes just gathering your skirt won’t do the job. Like for eternal moon or Sakizou’s Honey, sometimes your ruffles need a little help!


-Fabric, yardage depends on the project.

-Matching thread.

-Horse hair braid (measure your skirt hem for yardage)

-Patients! This is a long process!

Step 1: You will want to fold your fabric down the middle and than once more creating a right angle. Use your circle skirt pattern and cut out two different circle skirts.

NOTE: You can do as many circle skirts as you need, for senshi skirts I do 2 circle skirts.


Step 2: Now you should have to identical circle skirts! You will want to check them to make sure they match up and not that one isn’t much longer than the other!


Step 3: You will cut a slit up the side of each one of the skirts. Next you will sew them together to make one monster skirt. You can do a normal seam or a French seam depending on what project your using it on.


Step 4: Now you will want to let your skirt(s) sit over night to let the hem drop/relax. Sometimes with some fabrics they can stretch a little so this will give your hem its chance to change and now mess you up later.


Step 5: Now pin the horse hair braid to the right side of your skirt. Wider ones have a string you will pull to create a curved edge. Less wide versions will curve without the string.


Step 6: Now you will sew the horse hair braid to the skirt. Stitch it to the side that will face out in the end. Make sure to gently hold it, if you pull the braid will change shape as you stitch. NOTE: Stitch at a ¼th, you want to only have a little between the stitch and the edge because you will be flipping it.


Step 7: Now for ironing round 1! You will flip the horsehair and them hem to the wrong side of the fabric, you will iron the hem down. This will keep it flat when you stitch the top half down.


Step 8: Go and stitch down the top part of the horse hair braid down, you will want to pin it down before stitching. Take your time so you don’t miss the top when stitching, stitching it this way will keep it from pulling and bubbling weirdly.


Step 9: Now you will want to go iron it down again. If your fabric is thin you may want to put down a cloth between it and your iron so to keep the braid from creating a weird pattern on your hem.


Step 10: Pleat or gather your skirts together! In my case I pleated my skirt, this is how it turned out, the horse hair braid helps it ruffle out a lot!