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dontbotheritsporn said: HOW DO YOU DRAW HANDS SO WELL


spiceinthecoffee said: How do you make your lineart?

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I’m a tiny bit late but it’s all in good cause! 
Here’s Hebe’s perfect words and my shabby illustrations. I’m not too fond of a few of them and trying to organise the stanzas to fit was an ache in the brain but I’ll probably sort that out over the weekend and neaten things up!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Now I’m off to clean up and do actual assignments and things

charlotteleanne asked:

Hey, first of all I LOVE your entry for the comp~ But I just wanted to give you a heads up that somebody else, I think, submitted another piece of yours under the name Astrid. I noticed yesterday but I wasn't sure until you said the latest was your first upload! :/ I only discovered you yesterday when that happened but I am honestly so in love with your pieces ahah Hope something can be done about it! x

Hey thanks for contacting me! I’ve already contacted the company and told them about the five artworks that this “Astrid” has stolen. I’m waiting for their response now, but I’m pretty confident they’ll deal with the issue the right way. But thanks for the heads up and for heads up and for thinking about contacting me!


First house christmas meal and not a green thing in sight! Roast beef, roasties, yorkshires, carrots, caluiflower cheese, sausages and parsnips followed by a 60-piece dessert platter, mince pies, homemade spiced apple juice and any christmas special of any show we could find on tv haha

Everything was so good. I genuinely love living with these I’m a little to leave tomorrow BUT! I’m really looking forward to escaping Bournemouth for a couple of weeks and forgetting the silly things bothering me here to see family again.

Can’t ever sleep, my head’s full of pumpkins and ghosts and how much I want toast. Animating bouncing balls, really large cats and not wanting to fail maths :/ stress stress

Blue mood all around.



I forgot to mention earlier but there’s free shipping at society6 right now! So you can get all the prints, tees or phone cover goodies you like for less! :D (excludes framed prints, pillow w/ inserts and stretched canvases).