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By Your Side 'Til You Heal (RubyxDean)


Dean gritted his teeth and rubbed at his eyes, wondering if he should break down and get that stupid crappy brown hospital pisswater they called ‘coffee’ and choke it down purely for caffeine factor when he heard her voice, raspy and hoarse, but her voice.

"Ruby!" he said softly, though his voice held excitement. "Hi, beautiful!" He scooted a little closer to her, holding her hand and kissing it. "I tried to call you, and… I heard screeching metal instead. Found you on the side of the road, called an ambulance… Here we are. You weren’t healing, Ruby… You were just…" He gritted his teeth again. "They stitched you up here, and you’ve been healing slowly ever since. I’ve been here twenty four hours, sweetheart…" He stroked her hair gently. "I was so scared…"

"Hey," she said weakly, her voice feeling like she’d swallowed a steel wool scrub pad. She reached up with her other arm, grabbing the handrail and turning on her side to face him. The movement hurt, which wasn’t a feeling Ruby was used to, but he said her vessel wasn’t healing well, so she should have expected it. "That was you on the phone? I tried to answer it but the road was so wet, and I guess the tread on my Jeep isn’t ideal right now. I never even got to look at the screen. I just remember pushing the answer button… and then nothing."

Ruby reached out and touched his face, a 24-hour stubble having formed where her hand now rested. “You’ve been here the whole time? Dean, you didn’t have to do that. I’ll be fine, you know that.” Ruby shifted again, trying to unwrap her legs from the hospital gown. “Did they say how long I had to stay after I woke up?”