Swan Queen Week | Day 2: Roommate AU

Emma paused the movie she was watching and put down her popcorn when she heard a knock at her door. She opened it to see a familiar brunette standing there with a pillow, blanket, and small backpack. “Sexiled again?” Emma asked.

Regina smiled back sheepishly. “Unfortunately.”

Emma stepped back to let the brunette in the room. “God, this is, what, the fifth time this week?” Emma asked. “How much alone time does your roommate need?”

“Ruby and her boyfriend are both…” Regina paused as she searched for the right word. “Well, they both like sex. A lot. It makes me wish I had a single like you.” She started to put down her pillow and blanket in what had become her usual spot on her hall-mate’s floor. “Or maybe that she had the single.”

“At this rate you’d might as well move in,” Emma said with a laugh. She looked down at the brunette arranging her makeshift bed. “You can sleep on my bed with me if you want.”

Regina’s head snapped up. “What?”

Emma shrugged her shoulders as she sat down on the edge of her bed. “I know the floor is not comfortable at all, and that’s all you’ve been sleeping on the past few days. It’s supposed to get cold tonight, too, and the floor is freezing in the morning. Besides, I’m watching a movie and the only good view is from here.”

Regina glanced down at the floor and then back at Emma’s bed before picking her stuff up and tossing the pillow and blanket onto the blonde’s bed. “This movie had better be good.”

The two arranged themselves on the small twin bed, slightly squished, but neither seemed to mind as they cuddled up together with the bag of popcorn as Emma pressed play to continue the movie.

Imagine Me and You? Really?” Regina asked. She laughed. “I never pegged you as a fan of romcoms.”

“Maybe I just like lesbians,” Emma blurted out. “I mean—”

“Me, too,” Regina said with a comforting smile. She shifted closer to the blonde. “Now hand me the popcorn.”