Curious about #OrangeCon? Here’s all you need to know.

Sooo stevencrewniverse

Not to get my own hopes up that much, but that mystery episode at the end of the upcoming Stevenbomb week wouldn’t possibly happen to be related to two lil gems we all know in love, would it?

Like.. perhaps more background on these *cough* certain gems. Possibly an appearance? Anything of them!?

.. Probably not? Oh, no worries, it’s just a silly very much desired thought. 8′’]

Protection stone recommendations for the signs

Aries- Fire Agate; sends negative energy back to its source to protect the wearer

Taurus- Malachite; creates a strong aura of energy around the wearer to protect from negative entities

Gemini- Moldavite; protects the wearer from psychic attack while they are vulnerable or asleep

Cancer- Spirit Quartz; grants the wearer freedom of fear from spiritual attacks

Leo- Ruby Pendant; grants the wearer freedom from obsession and materialism

Virgo- Black Tourmaline; protects the wearer and their home from negative energies and spiritual attacks

Libra- Sugilite; is considered the strongest love stone and offers protections from negative entities

Scorpio- Pyrolusite; protects the wearer from being seen by beings in the lower astral realm

Sagittarius- Topaz; protects the wearer from evil, corruption and greed

Capricorn- Snowflake Obsidian; protects the wearer from evil lore

Aquarius- Amethyst; widely considered the all-purpose stone. It calms the wearer and promotes peace, balance and patience

Pisces- Moonstone; this stone protects the wearer while they are out at sea and is widely perceived as a healing stone because of its calming and healing properties