Finally back to making new trinkets again! :D

For today I have two new trinkets; chibis of Audino, who’s been highly requested in both it’s regular and mega form. :)

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Hardenshipping idea

Need a comic/rp where Team Magma invades Team Aqua’s base for intel or something. Courtney goes off to grab the intel while Maxie and Tabitha oversee the expedition. A couple of grunts see them and Maxie wipes the floor with them in a Pokemon battle because no duh, he’s awesome <3

Throwing all rules aside, the aqua grunts are frustrated at their loss and decide to punch Maxie in the face and rough him up a bit. Archie runs over in the chaos of the base being invaded, seeing Maxie with a bloody nose and his glasses cracked and some bruises while he’s on the floor and stuff while Tabitha is holding out his arms and trying to defend him.

Archie gets really upset because even though they are enemies, ‘that’s not how ya fight!!’ and rambles about how just because people see them as a bad gang doesn’t mean they ‘should’ be, their goal is to after all, make the world a better place, not beat up nerds!! Proceed with the fluff and Tabitha acting like a possessive cat as Archie apologizes and gives Maxie back his glasses and such <3

Actually, maybe it seems a bit weird but ???

I can see Courtney’s design whether in pokespe or ORAS as young or older? Like literally in the older teen - just on the cusp of young woman - early 20s range.

I can see her in any of those age ranges, because she either looks pretty young to begin with, or she looks like she could be an ‘older than I look’ case (like I am lmao)

???? please tell me I’m not the only one 

For those of you in North America or Europe who have yet to obtain an Eon Ticket, you are now able to get a Serial Code from the official site which is redeemable until March 2nd 2015. This code is 2015LATIOSLATIAS in North America or POKEMON380381 in Europe. This serial code will allow for you to download the Eon Ticket to the game. This allows you to get Latias in Pokémon Omega Ruby or Latios in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. You can then share the Eon Ticket through StreetPass for those who don’t get it through this manner. If you have already received the Eon Ticket, either through Mystery Gift or through StreetPass, you cannot use this code.

Source: Serebii 


Which activity would you rather be doing with your buddies?

Starters, by Finni Chang.

Explore the jungle and take photos as mementos, relax by the poolside while holding mini swimming competitions, or tell stories sitting by the campfire?