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Do you think we'll learn something new about the temple? Since Reformed seems to take place solely inside it. (And from all the promos only amethysts room? I hope they traverse more of it though).

we might, I certainly think we should be learning something about it soon. Since we know about Garnet now, maybe we’ll get to see her/Ruby or Sapphire’s rooms? That’d be cool

What is this. I wanted to do something like "Yang have anger issues". What is this. I made a freezerburn. I didn't want this to be shippy HELP ME

Since team RWBY had came back from Mountain Glenn, the team seemed to have changed, a little. Perhaps it was because of what they’d seen or felt, but anyhow, things came back to what seemed to be “normal”. Except for Yang. The three girls have noticed how Yang was having nightmares almost every night, and when the blonde woke up nearly screaming and someone asked if she was okay, she just pretend to be asleep. One night, when Yang actually screamed, Blake jumped out of her bunk and looked up.

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Headcanons because iT’S LIAM’S BIRTHDAY

-Zu takes charge of planning the surprise party for him and it turns out amazing

-Ruby tries to make Liam a cake but it turns out totally lopsided and she gets frosting everywhere

-Vida is a firm believer in birthday punches and will not rest until she gives Liam his

-Liam and Ruby’s parents are both in attendance and they talk about how cute Rubiam are together and how they fit into both families perfectly

-They have a hula hooping contest that Zu wins by a long shot

-Chubs makes a toast to Liam and tries to make funny comments about what a dumbass he is but it turns into a really sweet and heartfelt speech

-Vida’s gift to Liam is the boy scout handbook

-Chubs finds Liam and Ruby in a side room inhaling helium from balloons and dying laughing and proceeds to lecture them on the potential dangers of helium

-At the end of the night they all sit around a bonfire listening to the radio, and when “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” comes on Liam makes Ruby dance