I don’t want anyone to get so used to reading my url that they overlook what it is saying and represents. The only way to achieve your goals no matter how big or small is to simply NEVER GIVE UP. That means you never stop pushing, you never stop fighting and you say yes every time life is screaming no. You wake up every morning with the hope that you can make the day better than yesterday. You forget about what happened in the past and keep charging ahead. When someone tells you that you cannot do something you look them straight in the eye and say “watch me”. When you slip up and feel defeated you look at yourself in the mirror and promise yourself that no matter what, you will never give up on yourself. PERIOD. So one morning I did just that, I looked at myself in the mirror and made a promise that from 283 to 140 I would never give up. To this day I have not broken that promise. Neither should you.


i never uploaded a smiling selfie bc my smile is dumb

Welcome to CoM!

Hello everyone, this is Mod Gemini here. I’m here to announce that City of Monsteropolis is now open! What is City of Monsteropolis? It is an RP group for the Mega Man Classic series! For anyone interested, here is where you can learn how to join! This is still a fledgling of a group, so don’t be afraid to send any input on how to help!

I hope you enjoy your time here at CoM!