drawing #10 - skinnythighs-brokeneyes

you seem kinda sad so I drew a motivational tree

drawing #11 - little-werewolf-tori

I tried to draw a werewolf but I’m not quite sure what happened.

drawing #12 - goodihateyoutoo

you’re pansexual so here’s a sexual pan

drawing #13 - adonistyles

I’m sorry.

drawing #14 - kelview

I can’t even remember why I drew a hand, but it turned into two hands and I’m so terribly sorry at my drawing.

drawing #15 - kind-of-obsessed-but-oh-well

it’s a fan. because you’re a fan of stuff. yeah.

drawing #16 - notimeforschool

Happy flower is happy.

drawing #17 - rubberbandbreaks

oh god, I really cannot draw cats. So this cat hates everything.

drawing #18 - verymaryanna

I don’t even know anymore.

I was tagged by: moriartystilllovesyou The Rules:

Rule 1: Always post the rules Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones.

Rule 3: Tag 11 new people and link them to the post. Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them

My questions?!?! (oh dear) 1. Dinosaurs or internet connection? uhm, internet connection. dinosaurs are great and all but if I can’t liveblog it then is there really a use for it? the answer is no.

2. If your pants were on fire and in one pocket was your wand and the other was the keys to the tardis but you could only take one before you pants magically burn off of you legs without injuring you… which one? the keys to the tardis because I could just go to Diagon Alley and get another wand. 3. Favourite quote? Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistant one. -Albert Einstein

4. favourite band? I’m scared to say ICP I really like AC/DC 5. Middle name? Ashlyn. Actually, for the longest time i didn’t even know my middle name, like up until eighth grade I just couldn’t be bothered to find out.

6. If you were made of an element which one?

7. mac or windows? windows 8. cats or dogs? cats

9. would you rather have acidic ears or a tongue made or rose thorns? would the acidic ears hurt me i mean would they constantly be eating away at themselves or would it just burn other people if they touched them because if it was the latter then totally the acidic ears. 10. Whats your favourite place in the world? Seattle, WA.

11. Favourite word + meaning? Penumbra- A half-shadow Alright people time for my questions for you! 1- favorite deep-sea creature and why 2- if you had a patronus, what would it be and would you be able to cast it? 3- main OTP, from where and why? 4- if you fell in a vat of toxic waste and miraculously survived and developed powers, what would you be hoping for? 5- assuming the aforementioned vat of toxic waste gave you the ability to talk to animals, which animal would you want as a sidekick as you fought crime/ became an evil supervillain intent on destroying the system? 6- what was the most rebellious thing you’ve ever done? 7- if you had the chance to meet your favorite celebrity, who would it be and what would you do/say? 8- John or Hank Green? 9- Are you a grammar nazi? 10- favorite character from anywhere and why 11- i cant think of another question so idegaf anymore uh what do you wear to bed?