It doesn’t take a lot of resources to make a difference and have a voice.I had some old wood and house paint, so we went to home depot and bought a $8 can of black paint. I made two signs so far and have enough to make about 15 more.

Get off the couch and do something about it!

This was done at a house my friend lives at, but I am sure there is a few foreclosed houses in your neighborhood that could be used for something more constructive, like say being a voice for the revolution!!!!!


A collection of useful and entertaining truth propaganda from around the web. Feel free to redistribute (that’s the whole fucking idea!!!!) I claim no ownership only recirculating public material. The best way to view it is to click the first image and then just click each image afterward to scroll to the next. When you find one you like, right click and save it.

We are the press, we are the media, we are the future.

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People are waking up and declaring their sovereignty, what this means is that we the people are going to stand up and overthrow the current federal government, and federal reserve banking system. This is a public call to revolution, and its not coming, its here. Turn off the TV and get off the couch, get some food stored up and some water filtration gear. Buy ammo and clean your guns, this is not bullshit.

Their has been liens filed against all 12 major federal reserve banks and last I checked 23 states have declared their sovereignty from the federal government. This is a declaration of war from the people against the corruption in our government. Don’t take this lightly, or you are a hopeless fool.