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Scattered across London are empty spaces and buildings.

Could the recent increase in pop-ups and temporary uses mean new life for these spaces or is it simply a short term gimmick?

We warmly invite you to attend our informal drinks reception where speakers will look at the opportunities and challenges of realising temporary projects and what their real value is.

This is a multidisciplinary event open to all young professionals across the built environment, with no preference given to any specific discipline. Places are strictly limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The RTPI promotes the enhancement and maintenance of the green and blue spaces and environmental systems which sustain and enrich quality of life in, around and between urban areas.

“We stand up for planning that protects important natural environments, safeguarding the landscapes and places we will value in the future. We acknowledge however that managing potential development impacts on biodiversity will be challenging. Sustainable development must balance economic, social and environmental objectives, make prudent use of natural resources and address the challenges of climate change. Observed changes in regional climate and the types, intensity and frequency of disturbances such as fires, floods, droughts and pest and disease outbreaks have caused direct changes to the species composition and productivity of ecosystems.”

RTPI, 2014: 100 Years of Professional Planning