Reason to Live Happily #6

That one time my family was in Florence, Italy when i was about 9 years old and it was winter and it was really really cold and i told my mom that i wanted it to snow, and the next day it did. And the lady from the hotel said that it hadn’t truly snowed in 20 years.

Reason to Live Happily #3

I don’t even really like the beach, but somehow being with my closest friends made it fun. i smiled so much, even though i got a sunburn, and thats what its all about :) The first day of summer feeling!

Reason to Live Happily #2

My friend’s mom was driving me home from school today and it was pouring rain. There’s this couple that always walks home, and my friend was like “man that sucks” but the couple just looked so happy and they were having so much fun.