Warning:May cause some extreme fangirling…

I just have to brag a bit here, for someone that has no idea how Ash would look older regardless of this headcanon of mine, I think I’ve created a fairly SMEXY version of a “20-something” Ash Ketchum.

I truly love this design and am going to continue with him in the future especially for the continuation of the original drawing. Many have said he looks like a “greaser” and I see your point but that was NOT AT ALL my intentions NOR did I create Ash to be a jerk. He is still the same dense boy but can stand up to people or brush them off.

But this is really just an appreciation post for the effort I took to create such an amazing headcanon. ^_^

(the full view is REALLY large, and yes I drew it huge!)

As its ancestor breed was used for ages as a herding animal, the much smaller toy Megido still retains much of its forebearers’ initiative and drive.  Often affectionately referred to as the ‘black sheep’ of the troll family, the toy Megido’s demure exterior belies an enormous appetite for mischief. Admirers of the breed will find themselves kept on their toes…

—”The Better Companion's Big Book Of Trolls: Finding a Friend That's Right For You!”