「 `rewind stop fast forward - jessica & yuri 」

`Jessica’s eyes glazed over at the computer screen in front of her. It was blank for the moment, no real need or point in staring at it. But there she was staring at her reflection. Self consciously she was checking over every single feature to grace her face and hair and body that day. Although she was known for dressing up for work, today was even more important than usual. It was the day.  

`It had been maybe a week since she made the phone call, and yet the newspaper article still sat dead center on her desk. Her finger tips itching as they ran across the page, while her eyes were still glued to her reflection in the mirror. On the paper which her fingers were dancing upon, was an image of an old friend. More than an old friend to her. Their relationship wasn’t one of friendship, some would say sisters but the connection was even deeper than that. It puzzled her now that she thought about it. But she never wanted to question it. After all, this was Kwon Yuri she was having an internal discussion about. Her eyes batted closed as memories came flooding to her, she was having more of them now that she had seen the article. 

`Winter time in Japan during the making of the first Japanese album. Jessica yawned as the plane was approaching the airport in Japan. Her head rolled heavily to the other side to see a sleeping Yuri next to her. Jessica smiled softly and reached forwards to push the stray hairs out of the other’s face. But the plane would touch the ground soon, and she knew she had to wake the other. Although the there was a struggle with herself not to, she eventually leaned over towards the other one. “Yah. Pearly~ Wake up my Black Pearl.” she sang sung in the voice only Sunny would use when trying to be cute. As her voice and phrase continued, Jessica would poke at the other girl’s nose, arm and waist until she stirred. Jessica’s eyes batted as she saw the other’s bat back at her. A small groan came from the other, “You’re so mean.” The other croaked back and all Jessica could do was smile and kiss her forehead. “Saranghae my sleeping Pearl.” Jess teased as the other one smiled softly before rolling over to catch another minute of sleep.

`Jess removed her fingers from the paper where an image of Kwon Yuri making a debut now as a backup dancer instead of in a group herself was a big topic. Her eyeballs wandered to the clock and she almost jumped out of her seat in a scramble. “Yah! Only five minutes?!” she shrieked to no one in her office. Grabbing a portfolio and a bunch of papers out from her desk drawers she raced outside her office and approached the spiral staircase that separated the two floors of her business. The first floor being where all the main events took place and the upstairs were more offices and a tailoring studio. She wanted it to be homebase for her clients, from tailors to training, everything was done there. The way she wanted it.

`Walking up to the large oak receptionist desk that stood right across from the elevators that led up to the studio, she instructed the receptionist to send Yuri to the room with the number three printed on it in gold. Afterwards, turning on her heel she headed to that exact door. Opening the heavy door she stepped into one of the conference rooms. Purposely picking this one due to the fact there were several pictures lining the wall of back when Jess was apart of Girl’s Generation. Her lips curved into a smile as she closed the door behind her and walked to her usual spot at the head of the table.

`Laying all her papers and folders down on the table that she had carried in with her she noticed she had precisely a minute to prep herself for seeing her old friend. Her hands trailed down her button up shirt to tuck it better into her skin tight skirt. Once completing that she pulled slightly at the skirt’s hem to but it in place and lastly she patted her head down for any fly away hairs while she was scurrying out of her office. With a quick swipe of her lips with her tongue she stood next to the chair, anticipation for when the girl was to walk in.

`As the doors opened, the restraint Jess put on herself in order not to run down the other girl was incredibly strong. Instead she walked towards the other with a smile on her face and a hand outstretched. “Yuri-si. So happy you could make it! I can’t wait to start working with you.”