So, I thought, why not ruin make someone’s day with 3 minutes of beautiful devastation? hessofluffyyy, this one’s for you :)

I love this interview of Colin’s by his drama school because: 

(Read more if you dare)

1) It’s black and white, and makes Colin look EVEN BETTER (black hair, white skin? I’m in!) 

2) his accent’s thicker than usual 

3) pretty sweater/jumper 

4) just the right amount of scruff 

5) hair that nearly covers his eyebrows, and his ears (don’t think we don’t know you try to do that, Colin) 

6) flawless skin per usual 

 7) eyes! You can see his every eyelash and they are perfect 

8) he looks so much younger and that’s always awww-worthy 

9) he looks so much less tired than he’s looked of late 

10) should I even mention lips? OK, yes, just stare at them for a second… or two… Or the entire video. And the way he talks… I’m a writer and I still have no words to describe it. Like he’s trying to convince the camera to kiss him? I sound like a bad fanfic now, and I’m stopping all further thoughts of Colin and kissing in the same scenarios stat.

11) OK, should we move on to the actual video? I’ve had it paused at 0:07 all this time. First off, HE’S SO HAPPY to be talking about his old school. Clearly he has fond memories of the place :D 

12) he’s so smiley

13) so much positive attitude (at this point, we take this for granted with Colin, but do you realize how seriously hard it is to be positive and nice for as much of the time as he is??) 

14) all the philosophy on learning, all the philosophy on LIFE (I want to know who taught Colin all of it cos I want a lesson too) 

15) this screenshot of when I paused it to write more things perfectly sums up this entire video and what it does to me 

16) all the head bobs, “mmm’s” and “uhh’s” 

 17) how he pronounces “pond” (what is it with him pronouncing bodies of water in the most adorable way?) 

18) all the enunciating, from Mr. Mumbles himself, good job honey, also his voice is so smooth and low, low, low, low (OK let’s not desecrate Colin with bad song references Helen) 

19) who knew “theme” could be such a sexually frustrating word?? 

20) geeky laugh at “marble Archie,” and talking about the audience shouting at you, OK seriously, I need to come back to this list later while I go scream in a pillow at how cute you are 

21) (I’m back), the way he BLINKS, oh my god, why did I ever think this list would be a good idea? 

22) how he’s soo pleased to now be living his dream :D 


Editor’s note: Helen hopes you enjoyed the show, please gather all belongings on your way out and try to not leave important things like your melted brain behind. She apologizes for this not making it very far elevated above an appreciation of Colin physically, and for thoroughly derailing whatever you were trying to do before. :p

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So someone on Twitter mentioned that they had a video of Colin from his RSAMD days. I tweeted them asking if there was any way of sharing the video, and they actually sent me the download of it. This is Colin during his RSAMD days performing “Nothing to Confess”. And, jesus, just watch.

Warning: This video does have violent themes. Watch on your own discretion.

An Ode to the Insane Talent of Colin Morgan (Part One)

His performance is stunning. You–as the priest listening to the confession of Colin’s fresh-faced, cheery character–must sit and listen as his tale takes a very sinister turn. It’s even more mind-blowing when you realize that Colin was only 19 years old at the time of this recording. (As a side note…how lovely is his accent here?)

Interesting to note that in this review of the play, Colin is the only actor that is mentioned by name. Foreshadowing, perhaps?

For those of you that might want a transcript to better follow along with Colin and his wee Irish accent, you can find that here:

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I felt the need to complete this post with a second photo. I’m aware that this is certainly a set of private photos of Colin Morgan with friends or family but they are on internet since several years and they don’t show much of Colin’s private moment.

You can notice that Colin is wearing the same skull shirt that he wore in this video of him performing his awe-inspiring Nothing To Confess monologue in 2005 when he was still a student at the RSAMD or The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama now called The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Colin was then 19.

Here are some screencaps of this video of Colin’s monologue:

Photo of Colin Morgan from the RSAMD production "Bite of the Night"

This is a cropped photo taken from the play Bite of the Night, which was performed by RSAMD students at The Chandler Studio in Glasgow in the Autumn of 2005. (The date the source page gives is 1 Oct 2005)

It’s unclear if this photo was taken during rehearsals or during the performance, but that is quite clearly Colin over the shoulder of the man in the foreground. Bite of the Night is the first performance listed on Colin’s CV.

Here is the uncropped photo:

The photo appears on Louie Whitemore’s CV page. Ms. Whitemore is a set and costume designer (and former RSAMD student) who did the work on this play.