30 Days 30 Games [Day 3] - [Ridge Racer 7]

30 days 30 Games Challenge - Day 3, Ridge Racer 7 [PS3]

Day 3 starts with a bang! I’m really enjoying this. RR7 falls on my top 5 most awesome games of all time, why? Well why not? It’s Ridge Racer!

I’m a RR fan, I may not own as many RR games as I want to, but you can always find them on my collection of each platform that I have.

RR7 is very special to me, it’s the biggest RR game in the series (not including RR unbound, but don’t get me started on that), you get the same"machines" manufactures from the previous games, with new and classic tracks with simply the best of PS3 graphics. This games was on the top for a very long time for having such great visual effects.

This was also the first time RR series saw nitrous as a feature, and I like it how much more important drift became with this feature. If your nitrous depletes just before you initiate a drift, you can carry that memento speed into the drift and get mega recharges for your nitrous. Not to mention you look like a boss.

Even though there are no trophies for this game, and the online is jacked by now, I still enjoy it. I never got to complete the UFRA series, and the events that allow me to unlock the secret cars are hard as hell!!

Plus, you get to customize your car with different parts and nitrous systems, and I haven’t got used to that yet, it gets too confusing for when you want to unlock the secret cars and you don’t know what type of nitrous you should use.

The Soldat Raggio seams to be the car that suits my style better, plus one of the paint jobs for this car includes an anime girl…sweet combo!

Recently namco released a patch that allows 3D TV to play this game in 3D. Haven’t been able to test that for myself since I don’t have a 3D TV (don’t even want to) but to think that namco still does something to a game as old as this, is pretty impressive.

I will attempt to at least unlock the secret cars and then just move on to enjoy some classic drifts.

This was day 3 of 30, 27 days left, and 59 games still left to be picked.

El Oppo R7 y el Oppo R7 Plus ya son una realidad

El Oppo R7 y el Oppo R7 Plus ya son una realidad #Noticias #Teléfonos #Oppo

Oppo finalmente ha presentado en Beijing sus dos nuevos smartphones, el Oppo R7 y su hermano mayor el Oppo R7 Plus, dos dispositivos de los que ya conocemos sus especificaciones completas.

Si os gustan los smartphones pequeños, entonces las 5 pulgadas del Oppo R7 seguramente sean de vuestro agrado. Este smartphone tiene un precio de 2.499 yuanes (363 €) en China, y entre sus especificaciones se…

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