Quillson's leaving Lorule

Trading: Quillson the smug duck
Looking for: Lucky, Julian, Moe, Pudge, Ribbot, will consider any other offers
Move date: September 1st
Additional info: He’s my 10th villager, so anyone offering will need to take him first. I think he’s rpretty much original. I’m willing to TT.
tumblr URL: shadowhive
Mayor Name/Town Name:Calvin/Lorule
FC: 3711-9056-26683

anonymous said:

What kind of things do you like? Because I know like 2 or 3 blogs that rarely post anime

idk like things i like beside anime ? i really like animals though i dont blog about them much and i really like just idk different places like cities and forests and flowers and cool art which is rpretty vague but OH i almsot forgot i really love robots and object heads too theyre one o f my favorite things in the world