a-touch-of-frost appears.

Jack looked down with a sour taste in his mouth. The Dark Jack didn’t notice him yet, sitting high up on the tree branch. He really hated it when he encountered a nightmare version of him. He’s heard about this one, especially. He was a… Harbinger, was it? Harbinger of Anxiety. It was actually the complete opposite of Jack himself, that’s why he really hated him.

He thought about what he should do. Should he just ignore him and pretend he was never here? Or should he confront him? Jack sighed, barely audible. He couldn’t decide whether he wanted a drama-free day or if he wanted a little bit of fun.

Jack couldn’t decide, so he ended up just staring at the other from above, observing him. He moved the slightest bit, causing a lump of snow to fall down from the branch he was sitting on, right onto the other Jack’s head. “Whoops.”